10 Years Later, or C2E2 2014 Will Be Awesome!


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No, not 2013. I'm looking ahead to the 2014 show. Why? 'Cause March / April 2014 is the 10th anniversary of I don't have any plans yet, but my mind is turning. I want to do something big with as many of you as possible. So if you're on the fence between coming for 2013 or 14, save your money for 2014.

We can use this thread for ideas, planning, and a general place to discuss both the anniversary and C2E2 2014.

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I'm still planning on being there for 2013, but there's no way in hell I'm not there for the 10th.

Jesus Christ. I was SIXTEEN when this joint opened. I feel ancient now.

That was the year I turned 30.

You really shouldn't have said that. I wouldn't have even though of putting together "Dan's 40" t-shirts for the con otherwise.

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Ultimately, this is Mike's show so he gets final call if we do Summer instead of C2E2. If we do do Summer, does anyone have any convention that is centrally located to suggest. If anyone brings up San Diego, I'm just going to shut you down right now by noting that that means everyone is going to pretty much have the commit hardcore by pretty much the week after this coming year's San Diego. That's how fast tickets/hotels go. Kellen, I'm going to shut down the suggestion brewing in your head with a counter of the reason that C2E2 has worked out as well as it has is because the con shuts down relatively early meaning there's more time to just chill together. I know you enough to know that you'll pull a Preston (sorry Preston) and abandon our group when we want to go back to the hotel to hang out with the con guests/you'll be working at at the con so you can;t get away.

So yeah, if we want to do a Summer con for the get together, now is when we need to research. Of course, we can always just hang out in Chicago as a weekend trip without the need for a con to unite the trip around and then just sightsee together. Just throwing that out there.

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