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Imagine Warner Brothers got their act together and decided to create an umbrella franchise centered around a core DC Universe rather than just a Justice League film and related films. Within the next five or so years, it would release about ten separate film franchises, all in the same continuity.

This draft is in the same vein as the X-Men and JLA ones from last year. If this works out, we can do a Marvel version of it, but I thought we'd start with DC because 1) Marvel already sort of has this with The Avengers and the films built around it, 2) DC won't have something like this for a while, and 3) since Mike and Shana recently cast a Fantastic Four film.


1. This is a whole new franchise, not a continuation of any of the DC films that Warner Bros has or will release.

2. Only one role per actor, except in special cases (e.g. Bizarro or the Crime Syndicate if desired).

3. No recasting of characters across different movies. If you're doing a Justice League film, want Superman in it, and don't like who was cast as Superman for the Superman film, TOUGH TITTIES.

4. Team films with the same characters as the single-hero films will be cast last for Round 2.

5. When team films are cast during Round 2, you can cast all the not-yet-cast protagonists. For instance, you could conceivably cast all of the Teen Titans in one round if the Robin you want to use hasn't been cast in any films already.

6. To prevent the overexposure of characters, no dueling films with the same main protagonist are allowed (i.e. a Justice League and a Batman film can coexist with the same Batman in both, but two separate Batman films can't.)

7. By that same token, you can't have the same villain for two different films.

8. However, supporting characters like Alfred and Lois Lane can cross over multiple films.

9. While your film has to be in the same continuity as the others, it does not have to take place around the same time; a WW II era JSA film or a Batman Beyond film are definitely allowed.

10. Your film must be a relatively self-contained first entry into its respective sub-franchise, but does not need to be an origin story.

Round 1: Film choice

Round 2: Protagonist(s) Casting

Round 3: Antagonist Casting

Round 4: Supporting Character Casting I (one supporting character)

Round 5: Supporting Character Casting II (another supporting character)

Round 6: Supporting Character Casting III (all remaining supporting cast members)

Round 7: Film title

Round 8: Film synopsis

Let me know if these rules or the round set-up is flawed or too stringent and I can modify them accordingly.

EDIT: THis is the snake draft order










You Know Who

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I was originally going to go for a WW2 Wonder Woman with Jennifer Lawrence but I had this really awesome idea for a Flash movie that I had to go for it.

That is just weird. My original idea was for a WWII Wonder Woman movie as well. :P But then I changed my mind...

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More Ostrander than anything else, but I really considered the post JSA, Rick Flagg Sr. version.

Ostrander-era Suicide Squad? You are my hero, sir. :bowdown:

As long as Waller is overweight and Boomerang is played by an Australian I will be happy...

I can promise both.

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