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You and the rest can go ahead; he'll catch up eventually.



Michael C Hall. He has the build to break a man in two. Yet, in Six Feet Under, he showed he could fade into the background, which is a skill Batman needs in his guise as Bruce Wayne. Plus he looks good in a suit, and has so much going on in his eyes, you know that when he's in a board meeting, he's miles away, pondering what the scum of Gotham are doing.

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I did think about going with Gotham Central but its a bit easy- just cast everyone from The Wire.

So my pick is-

The Sandman


Casting- Jason Isaacs as Wesley Dodds


The setting is going to be 1947, with Sandman having been a vigilante for ten years prior to the war (where he became a spy and nazi-hunter in europe) and returning to his life embittered from the war, but broken from events yet to be revealed.

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True to form with my Comic Reel-lief research, I have never read a comic in which he features and rely heavily upon wikipedia, and related sites. But this much I know about Booster Gold:

He's blonde.

He's Canadian.

He smirks a lot (certainly in Drive).

Ladies & gentlemen.....Ryan Gosling!


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I approve of the pick, but wasn't Booster born in Gotham and based in Metropolis?

Having revisited my sources, I think the Canadian re-tooling was a DCnU-thing - originally, he WAS from future Gotham. Accordingly, I may have to rethink my plotline of him being a disgraced Mountie....

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Jason, I'd say list what you want to switch to along with your lead for Catwoman. Christian can give his ruling whenever he gets the chance. Besides, none of us are casting something that will be having a primary female lead (with the possible exception of Preston or Des.) so it shouldn't interfere with any of our first picks.

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