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Tim Burton is obviously a fan of remakes. So In classic Tim Burton style, I've decided to remake these old threads. Why?

  1. Because the original topic is almost a decade old.
  2. There are now many new forumites who would like to voice their opinion,
  3. I'm sure many E-2 veterans have altered their opinions. (Example, James D. proclaimed Batman '89 to be his favorite movie of all time in the original thread).

I would say 4. Tim Burton has several new movies, but I don't think any of those will be in the running. I apologize to any Dark Shadows fans, I decided to leave that one out.

I'm going to vote Edward Scissorhands as my favorite, just because it's the epitome of all things Burton. I also happen to be a sucker for dark Christmas movies and also the film's just really damn good.

Best goes to Ed Wood all the way, it's a great film with a great performance by Depp.

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Big Fish is his best, mainly because even people that despise Burton tend to love it.

Beetlejuice is my favourite due to being visually and tonally everything I admire about his directing.

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Don't believe everything you hear then. The problem is that Mars Attacks came out the year after Independence Day. People weren't expecting a film that visually recalls the 60s B-movie alien invaders films. They then proceeded to get pissed because it focused on characters instead of on explosions. Mars Attacks is a very fun film, very funny, and so well acted.

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Edward Scissorhands is my favorite. That movie speaks to me on a deep emotional level. Sweeney Todd is a close second. Special mention to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was the only Burton movie I loved as a kid.

Ed Wood is a really good movie but I hesitate to call that his best because there's not really any trace of the Burton style in it. Not that it would make sense to have the weird visuals and the gothic music but I think for something to be the best Tim Burton movie it has to be done in his style. That's why I'm going with Big Fish as his best.

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Best: Big Fish

Brilliant movie that legit made me cry at the end.

Favorite: Batman Returns

It's a terribly thrown-together, stupid movie with a ton of problems, but I find it fun and quotable. Plus, Michael Keaton is still awesome. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

I really need to rewatch Beetlejuice, though.

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My second job was at a toy store, one of the coworkers was a lovely young lady who I was completely smitten with. Whenever she had the chance she would wear a Nightmare Before Christmas Sweater with Jack and Sally dancing. In my feeble attempts to bring up conversation she would often talk about early Tim Burton like Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare. Now every time I see those movies I feel a bittersweet surge go through me.

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I used Big Fish for both my choices Now I didn't even know that it was a Tim Burton film and now that I think about it its probably one reason I like it. For me I loved how they did the storytelling bits and generally enjoyed the story. I thought the end was also really well done with the son becoming the storyteller for the father. From the rest of the list I enjoy Mars Attacks and Beetlejuice for the comedy. The rest just doesn't really click with me, although I appreciated the visual quaility of Corpse Bride, didn't see Frankweine but thought it looked good as well.

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