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  1. Its been delayed EDIT oh wait it, nevermind
  2. I kissed a girl and I liked it. I'm sorry I have that song stuck in my head.
  3. I secretly like playing with my brothers Indiana Jones whip.
  4. Better. The only thing that's missing is the whip
  5. you didn't miss anything in Shrek The Halls
  6. Well, my town recently built a book store and there is a comic book section and I saw Secret Invasion I asked if there is a normal cover he said no, so I settled for the white cover. ps they don't no squat about comics I asked for "The Killing Joke" he asked if its a ongoing series I said its a trade he asked whats that. What the hell?
  7. help them get the most downloads for Firefox 3 click for details
  8. shit, I bought the white variant and I'm probably not gonna go to a convention ever
  9. I don't know if anybody posted this but, did you notice that the heroes that came out of the ship had their old costumes(IE Luke Cage w/ tiara) I think that they were abducted way before Civil War. PS whats with the white variant PSS Maybe i'm crazy for thinking this.
  10. yep. The only "fun" sites that aren't banned are Quizilla and All4humor so I said fuck it and used a proxy
  11. I'm using a proxy to go to this site on my school. because the school filed this site under "games"
  12. The guitar is awesome in 1,000,000 EDIT fuck it, the guitar in all of them are awesome