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To protect the integrity of the draft you can keep them, I'll find an alternative. Originally I was going to cast this as their botched time machine causing bleeds through reality, displacing people and causing entire buildings and monuments to shift between realities causing chaos. This is still happening but due to another machine so startlingly primitive that it's brute force approach to reality shifting is causing rips and tidal waves through the multiverse.

Upon landing in his next world Quinn Mallory is murdered in an alley and his travel device accidentally coopted by the investigating officer DCI Jane Tennison. She is tasked by British Intelligence with using the device and seeking out the best detectives and specialists of the era with different reality backgrounds to create as big a pool of knowledge to work from as possible. As she deals with threats she's finds talent suited to them, Giles for the Supernatural, Syd for murderers, etc. when they decide they need an expert to perfect the device and home in on the reality distortion a they find the greatest mind of his world, Will Hunting. He tracks the distortion to a seemingly backwards reality technology-wise, where brick phones and fax machines still qualify as high technology. To an industrial warehouse near Canary Wharf....

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A body lies on the floor, green shirt soaked in blood, the broken remains of the cellphone used to beat him to death beside him. Another figure stands over him, his darker green shirt spattered with his victims blood.

"No wonder you didn't last with him, clearly he's no replacement for me"

"Please!" Barely audible above the clicking and whirring of the huge machine at the centre of the room, the cry repeats, "Please, stop!"

The pleading figure, stuck the the wall with a fibrous gluelike material, begged his captor. "You don't want to do this!"

"Don't I Nick? I supposed I don't really, but this isn't about what I want. It's never been about what I want! It's always been you hasn't it? You and Roz, and it never mattered who wore the green shirt. Well now you get your wish mate. Look at it nick, my great machine, my grand design, A hundred thousand floppy drives working in perfect unison, generating enough static to disrupt the fabric of reality and for me to escape to where I'm actually wanted!"

"It wasn't our idea to replace you! Bureau 2 makes those decisions, you know that!"

The pacing angry figure turned back on Nick "But you didn't fight for me did you mate?! Roz told me everything before the end"


"I didn't do anything! I just left her safe where she wouldn't be any trouble, it's not my fault that was tied to a intercontinental electromagnetic missile aimed at Belgium!"

"Please, let her go!"

"Sure mate, if you can tell me one thing"


"What's my surname?...come on we worked together all that time, Nick Beckett, Roz Henderson and...?"

Nick thought desperately "...Ramsay?"

"You must be joking" He pushes a red control, we hear a missile take off outside with some muffled screaming.

"It's Mitchell!!! Mitchell! Bring her back you monster!"

"Wrong again, and far too late mate. Soon the world finances will be ruined and all the good we did those three years will be erased like I was never here. Then you can start over, see how your fancy new man fares, see just how replaceable I am. And I'll be gone where I'm wanted, I'll finally be not just the original Ed, I'll be the ONLY Ed. And there's no one in this world who can stop me mate!"


My villain is the original Ed from Bugs series 1-3, as portrayed by Craig McLachlin.

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I got a good chuckle that a) Crime Traveller was referenced within a team, and that b) Stavros wanted those characters as the villains! I know Tom, and Dave Probert, are not big fans of the show. That show that only lasted one season. Which makes it VERY eligible for Twice as Bright, Half as Long....

Anyway, my villain:



Having been responsible for averting international disaster in 1985 by staging an incident which decimated New York City, Adrian Veidt watched on seeing his plans on a global scale come together. But at a lower level, national stability was being threatened by over-population and a lack of a threat for people to unite against. With that, Veidt manipulated the formation of the League of Extraordinary Demons, starting with the legendary Tall Man and then utilising his skills to resurrect John Ryder as the figurehead before recruiting the more terrifying ghouls of the League. Briefing from afar against certain targets for the League to take down, Veidt always ensured that their slaughter was monitored, and when the time came, released to the world to showcase a new threat to world safety. Veidt now plans to have those that are eager to form mobs and disrupt order rise up against the League's revealed Headquarters. If the League successfully defend themselves, they gain more hatred and opposition from aggressive dregs who stand to be slaughtered. If the League go down in battle, humanity gets a feeling of triumph.

The League are set up and cannot win, in Veidt's calculations. But he underestimates the capabilities of this dysfunctional team of the undead, always trying to close in on the true identity of the mastermind who landed them in this mess. And if they ever do, they'll somewhat less mercy than Dan Dreiberg - even the movie version....

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pretty sure I suggested crime travller for Twice as Bright, Half as Long :teatime:

Don't worry, I suggested it to Ian in a Newcastle pub over an inadequate steak and pint back when the podcast was mere whispers and rumour.

Wetherspoons do steaks tantamount to their price, sir! Which is my way of saying "yes, I agree".

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Genesis had not had an easy run since seperating from Jesse Custer. Genesis knew what the real cause of all it's pain was. Genesis had gone to some great trouble to gather the seven hunters, even resurrecting the doctor. Genesis had gathered them, here, in it's own past to do one thing.

Because in this time, he was still alive. In this time, the man could be killed before he took an innocent life and became a monster.

Genesis has subtly manipulated these seven to hunt and kill the man who would become...


The Saint of Killers.

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I got two villains.

One of the many cases worked by the 90s era League involved the discovery and containment of a sleeping god. The god's very existence and dreams warped reality around it. People still don't realize there is no such place as Wyoming. The league was more scared of what would happen if this God ever awoke so they found a way to placate it's dreams and shape them so it would find a new identity and a reality where it would hopefully slumber for the rest of eternity. After that, it was just a task of transporting the god from where they found him in Indianapolis to the containment area in Los Angeles. The god sleeps there to this day. The identity that the league forced upon him is...


Zach Morris.

Zach should have continued the dream. The ones caught in the original dream would be trapped and reintegrated where need be. The occasional person has escaped but not all are so lucky. For example, as a young recruit for The League, Stephen Urkel accidentally transported a family friend into the dream where she was changed into a young woman named Lisa Turtle. Any who enter the dream become enslaved to Zach's reality, their very being altered to make them more suitable for the High School world that revolved around his schemes. No one knew that better than the woman who would later nearly destroy reality. She arrived in LA seeking fame, having briefly tasted it in Las Vegas. Instead, she became homeless and destitute until the day she got too close to that abandoned building that most rational people steered away from. There are many things you could accuse this young woman of. Being a whore was the most common one. Rationality would never be it. She became part of the new reality, a childhood friend to Zach, a feminist, a genius. But, underneath it all, she would always be...


Nomi Malone/Jesse Spano.

Nomi should have never reawoken but in Zach's craving for drama, an innocent escapade involving a girl group turned into a silly addiction to caffeine pills but it was enough to stir Nomi out of the stupor of Jesse. Finding another young woman trapped in the dream, Nomi awoke her and they, beyond all likelihood, escaped but Nomi couldn't stand the real world anymore and after killing Kelly, went back into the dream, taking her identity. Now, Nomi Malone is the Lady MacBeth steering Zach Morris to do her desires, not quite realizing that the dream is expanding and that worse, Zach is dangerously close to waking up.

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