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Jebediah Morningside AKA The Tall Man

Mortician, inventor and general menace, The Tall Man operates entirely within the League's headquarters as its technical officer and head of security. Be it his army of dwarves or his signature flying spheres, the building is in pretty safe hands from those that would wish to rise up and destroy the League. But if individually threatened, the Tall Man can shapeshift and thwart any would-be attackers with his superhuman strength and his telekinetic powers. His inventions allow for communication with agents Krueger and Pinhead within their respective dominions, as well as the means to summon them and revive any fallen League member - particularly useful for agent Voorhees. Though he does not engage in fieldwork, the League would be lost without the Tall Man's tireless work behind the scenes.

Also useful for disposal work.

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Next up is the leader of the PARADOX devision of the League



originally a scientist from 1952 who discovered special properties in quartz crystals and received government funding to work on breaking a hole in the Space-Time Continuum, code-named the Paradox Project, with his assistant Hugo at the military base Los Soledad during the Cold War. But a slight miscalculation caused Paradox to get sucked into the Event Horizon, where he remained displaced from time for a 100,000 years. Losing his mind and regaining his sanity, he gained a complete understanding of the Space-Time Continuum. Having long forgot his name, he renamed himself Paradox and uses his understanding to travel across time to make different parts of history better for others.

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Malory Archer is the former head of ISIS and the current head of The League despite being from an indiscernible era. She's a manipulative woman, a former special agent, and does occasionally work hard if she has a good drink. Still, she's still mostly a competent taskmaster and knows how to get results, even if those results are getting a ton of money.

There is not truth that she might also occasionally go by the name Lucille Bluth and have an entire other family that no one knows about.

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I think Ian's up?

Well it was Dan's turn at 4:21 PM (GMT) on 27 January;

James' turn at 4:21 AM (GMT) on 28 January

Stavros' turn at 4:21 PM (GMT) on 28 January

Then my turn at 4:21 AM (GMT) on 29 January

So according to my watch, I have another 3 1/2 hours to go until my pick.

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John Ryder

Resurrected by The Tall Man to be the League's leader of operations, John Ryder is a murderous psychopath with extreme intelligence. Particularly adept at framing wannabe-minstrels for murder and thinking up some particularly nasty kills involving vehicles, "The Hitcher" can hold his own in terms of savagery when stood against his more overtly ghoulish team-mates. Indeed, his civilian nature allows him to be captured by law officials rather than shot at like his contemporaries, but those holding him are on borrowed time, as no police van can hold Ryder. His propensity to challenge others into stopping him arguably drums up further antagonism towards the League as a whole, but Ryder is always one step ahead and it takes an increasingly frantic, desperate mind to take him down.

And I will be heartbroken if my next choice gets picked, because they make the perfect partner to the Hitcher....

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