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Right, it's 12 hours after Tom's post and I'm after Rjoyadet, so here's mine:

Freddy Krueger


The League's primary intelligence officer. Freddy has the ability to rub people up the wrong way - and then kill them - but his ability to tap into the minds of the League's targets through their dreams is an invaluable skill. As long as Krueger leaves them alive after gaining the information required, he is a useful, if irritating, member of the team who can also double as a field agent whenever he's brought into the real world. Freddy himself loves winding up his fellow league members, none of whom have much of a sense of humour...

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Carlie Conway

Charlie is no longer considered one of the most athletically gifted on the team; Adam 'Cake Eater' Banks is clearly better. But one thing that Charlie has that Banks never will is heart. Charlie will willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the team, which is a admirable trait. That said, if push comes to shove (or if a pretty girl is watching), he will rise to meet that challenge head-on.

Age: 16

Scouting Report: Average Hockey Skill. Above-Average Intelligence & Leadership.

Favorite Move: The Triple-Deke.

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Okay first pick

Max Winwood


Winwood is an agent of indigo Prime an organization which works to protect reality from incursions outside our understanding, but is also willing to manipulate time and space in the services of very rich clients. Its agents, under the jurisdiction of Major Arcana, tend to be almost shockingly amoral. All Indigo Prime agents are chosen, upon their death, based on the presence of a certain gene (the "Rembrant IndexTM") that occurs in one in twelve million people across the multiverse; given a new body, and then trained in a range of abilities reminiscent of 'super powers' to assist them in their job. Each agent also specializes in a role - known job descriptions are: Sceneshifters (who manipulate the physical world), Seamsters (who deal with time) and Imagineers (who can influence minds and dreams). Winwood is a semester an agent with the ability to patch up severe cracks in timestreams. If hitler wins ww2....max will fix that....if an eldritch abomination escapes from an other worldly prison. He will throw a time travelling train full of passengers at it to fix it.

He leads the branch of the League known as [NAME REDACTED because it might give away my other picks]

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Jason Voorhees

The League's main enforcer in the field. Voorhees lacks speed, guile and certain intelligence, but he carries a whopping great machete and can take a hell of lot of punishment. Accomplished at setting traps, underwater subterfuge (though he doesn't enjoy it) and space travel, the softly/never-spoken Voorhees is a creative member of the team who can kill foes in a number of ways depending on the situation. Always a believer to his cause, he won't kill on a whim - unless they're teenagers, in which case, fuck that noise...

He doesn't get on well with Krueger.

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Forgot to do this sooner: Harry Dresden is the only wizard you will find in the Chicago Phone Book and a damn good private investigator. He has a habit for attracting trouble and he will fuck you up if necessary. He's the arcane link for The League and one of their primary investigators.

And for my second pick...


The Bride (Beatrix Kiddo) is a trained assassin, fluent in multiple martial arts, more than proficient in the exquisite art of the Samurai Sword, one of the few people who knows the five point palm exploding heart technique, and a great mother. The League has an excellent day care. She is their chief assassin and muscle.

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