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I'm... interested... to see what he does with it. He was always "the Trek fan" among the creative crew on the previous two movies, and it almost seemed like he was the one who had the most problems with the stupid elements of them. This is probably the closest we'll get to having a "real" Star Trek movie while Paramount still insists on following the roller coaster action ride style of the two Abrams films.

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It seems like everything i have seen has not just orci but Kurtzman attached. From Jack of All Trades to Enders Game It was always "Kurtzman and Orci" I was beginning to suspect that Kurtzman and Orci were joined at the hip.

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There are three options here, as far as I see it:

01. It's a flashback sequence set in the Prime Universe.

02. They find a way to shoehorn Prime Kirk into this reality.

03. An aged Kirk from the new / alternate reality comes back in time, and of course he looks like Shatner because that's what Kirk is supposed to look like when he ages.

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Prime Kirk is dead, but it could be a flashback to a Spock / Kirk scene before he died.

Also, the expanded universe posited that in The Return -


In seriousness, though, Shatner is twenty years older now than he was when Kirk Prime died. He's gone from older to downright elderly. I don't see a flashback working.

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They should have just made him Kirk's grandfather in a first film cameo. They'll do some finagling to get him in this one and honestly I could care less about Generations but I'm not sure based on these films that we're going to get anything hugely better.

At this point I'm asking where Uhura's cameo is. Where's Nichelle Nichols? Maybe they should just remake All Good Things with what's left of the original cast playing the older versions.

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While I've never been a huge fan of Orci, he was always the single hardcore Trek fan in the group, and there was a good chance that with him at the helm, Trek would go back more towards... well, being Trek. Which is basically what he said he wanted to do.

And now the rumored replacement is Edgar Wright? Screw that. The constant insistence on jokey comedy was one of the problems with the JJ Trek films, not a plus.

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Just because Wright is famous for comedy, doesn't mean he's incapable of drama. I would argue that The Cornetto Trilogy has more earnest moments of brotherhood, drama and pathos than Abram's two films.

And you mourn losing Orci because he's a huge Trek fan, Edgar Wright isn't?

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I think the thing is that if Paramount is actively seeking Wright, it's because they want a lighter, more comedic tone.

It's not a thing of Orci's fandom > Wright's fandom, it's the fact that Orci specifically said he wanted to make Star Trek more like Star Trek again. But then again, the rumors about where the script was going made it seem a little questionable...

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