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It's not that he's trying to undercut us. It's that he's so old, he's already gone to bed and woken up. It's tomorrow for Dan.

Happy birthday. :)

Y'see...I really thought that it was going to be Dan's birthday today.

Oh well. The entire British Empire celebrates your birth, good sir. And even a few of the colonies.

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Thanks everyone! Well, everyone except Will, Dave and the duo of Sims & Toland, whom I will formally respond to via the Tranquil Tirades, TABHAL and whichever project is next to see the light of day between BOTI & EOF respectively!

Having spent the week doing study leave for an exam I took on the Thursday, Friday and the following weekend was the culmination of not only the week but an ongoing joke on the forums, and the vengeful pay-off was no less than I technically deserved (if you overlook the undercurrent of praise and the fact that a hundredth episode was used in such a way). Whilst I was following it (I was listening to Episode 800 whilst I was visiting the 200th museum of my museum tour on the Friday afternoon), I did have my full immediate family up visiting, with Pandy arriving as part of a road trip with Richard and Adham (he live-tweeted it via his handle @treecalculus). Adham is still here now, as we have projects to discuss and he has time on his hands, but everyone else left earlier today.

In that I have a fair few extended family members living in my area, everyone congregated on the Saturday lunchtime for a picnic lunch, held in a seaside function room as the forecast was due to be dire. As it was, it was quite sunny, but the venue was good, and everyone mingled whilst I wore a hideously ostentatious badge that my Mum supplied. Then us young folk broke away, first to go bowling, then to hit Newcastle with drinks and finally to return to Biddlestone Towers for pizza whilst 300 was on TV.

As for presents, I received from family/work colleagues:

  • Branflakes
  • A Branflakes-eating certificate
  • A "30 is the new 18" pint glass
  • £350
  • The graphic novelisation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere
  • A new tent
  • A new backpack
  • DVD - The Day of the Doctor
  • DVD - The Mummy/The Mummy Returns twin pack
  • DVD - Twin Peaks (complete edition)
  • DVD - Some Like It Hot
  • DVD - Let The Right One In
  • DVD - Fantasia
  • 4x cans of Carling
  • A bottle of Whiskey

All in all, quite a sweet weekend!

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