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What's your top 5 DC animated universe moments?

I got three so far, I'm just trying to differentiate the good from the great.

Bruce Wayne meets Batman (Justice League) "or have you met?"

Flash demolishing Brainiac/Luthor Justice League

Robin punching Batman (New Adventures)

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Batgirl "dies." (Over the Edge)

Robin quits. (Old Wounds)

Aquaman severs his own hand. (The Enemy Below)

"Wait for it!" tied with "Gentlemen, it's been an honor." (Both from Starcrossed.)

Flash destroys Luthor / Brainiac (Divided We Fall)

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Too fucking many to name, but I'll try to pick just five. "Wait for it..." is so awesome that it goes without saying. Others:

The dialogue between Terry McGinnis and Joker in the darkened abandoned candy factory in BB: Return of the Joker.

The Watchtower being dropped on top of the Thanagarian hyperspace bypass. ("Starcrossed" Episode 2)

"Good bad dog." (BB: Return of the Joker)

"We died once to save this earth. And we can do it again." ("Legends")


"Did you see that?" ("Epilogue")


"Flea."--Darkseid firing the Omega Beam at Batman ("Destroyer")

I fail at naming only five. :blush:

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5. The Supes/Doomsday fight from "A Better World" part 1

4. The final scene from "Secret Orgins" part 3

3. The GL oath from "In Blackest Night" part 2

2. The Blackhawks appearing in "The Savage Time" part 2

1. Darkseid's first appearance in "Tools of the Trade"

Yeah, I'm a little Justice League happy. However, that was the show I watched more often on a regular basis. :yes:

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I watch JL with my older son as he drinks a bottle.

We both got a great kick out of the Booster Gold episode when he's accepted that he and Elongated Man are left out to do crowd control. EM just gets through telling him how he went on stakeout for three days shaped as a vase. When GL pops back to recruit EM instead of Booster, Skeets says: "Maybe they needed a vase."

I laughed so hard my kid started howling with laughter too.

Good times.

With all the heavy shit going on in those episodes it's easy to forget the hysterically funny writing.

Batman singing for Circe comes to mind as well.

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Another one I failed to mention was Ace's death in "Epilogue". Hynden Walch is something else:

Ace: When I was little, Cadmus used to make me play all kinds of games, but they weren't any fun, either. They'd strap me into their machines, and poke wires into my brain, 'Ace, can you move this object with your mind?' Yeah, I can move it. They weren't really games, you know. They were training me, turning me into a weapon for 'justice', they said. They got their weapon. I got cheated out of my childhood.

Batman: I know what that's like.

Ace: You do, don't you?

Batman: ...

Ace: You don't have to answer--I read your mind. That's how I knew you weren't going to use Mrs. Waller's weapon on me.

Batman: No. I wasn't.

Ace: You were going to try and talk me into fixing what I changed...before I die.

Batman: Yes...

Ace: I'm dying very soon.

Batman: Yes...I'm sorry...

Ace: Would you stay with me? I'm scared...

Arguably the saddest scene ever in the DCAU.

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I just watched the Once and Future Thing parts 1 and 2 today.

The scene with Batman and Batman Beyond Bruce interrogating the Scarecrow guy and Static (or Warhawk, can't remember) turns to GL and says Batman's playing good cop?

"Everything's relative."

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Anyone remember 'Maid Of Honor', when Batman interrogates the Kaznian mercenary?

The criminal speaks in Kaznian with the subtitles:

"You can't understand a word I'm saying, and even if you could I wouldn't say anything."

Batman starts speaking Kaznian with subtitles:

"I can...(Face becomes incredible dark)...And you will."

One of my favorite Batman moments ever.

Surprised no one's mentioned Dan Turpin's death in 'Apokalips...Now! pt 2'. Easily one of the top five most heart-wrenching moments of the entire DCAU.

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Anytime Bats interrogates someone, it automatically = win.

Batman: "Let me give you one piece of advice..."


Deadshot: "OKAY! OKAY! I'll talk!!"

Wonder Woman: "What did he say?"

Superman: "You don't want to know..."

And welcome to the forums!

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One of the few Superman: TAS I can remember right there...that WAS the time where the guy realised it seconds before the gs chamber turned on right?

Another one from there I loved, though I don't know how well it would hold up is Superman getting Parasite with the sprinkler after he was powerless

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- Dan Turpin's Death - The only thing I really remember from teh Superman series.

- Flash Villians - Always makes me laugh when Captain Cold orders milk.

- The Question Breaks A Window - For the simple fact that he is singing a pop song while doing so.

- Robin on a mission - When Robin goes after Tony Z. at the end of Robin's Recogning Part 2, I love that scene.

- Tie: The Joker in return of the Joker flashback scene & The Joker in Wild Cards in JL - The first is just creepy and the running comentary during Wild Cards make me laugh. "You know, I think there's something going on between those two."

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My favorite moment was from the justice league unlimited finale. It was the scene where Superman and Darksied are about to fight and superman gives him the speech on how he has always had to hold back his power incase he were to ever hurt anybody. He then tells him that he is not going to hold back and cleans his clock with one awesome punch( A punch that shatters buildings around him from the impact no less).

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As cool as that moment was, what people always forget about that scene is that, even cutting loose, Superman still was not strong enough to stop Darkseid. The only reason Superman lived through that final battle is because Lex freaking Luthor saved him.

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