You're stuck in a mall with zombies

James D.

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This is assuming you're going by the Jason zombie rules and not the "Of the Dead" series zombie rules.

Depending from canon to canon fire can either be extremely effective or completely useless, admitedly.

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I would never choose a gun for such a predicament. When you run out of ammo, you're fucked. You need a weapon that can last for a while. Here are my choices:

Weapon: A sword cane--provides both a sharp weapon (blade) and a blunt object (steel sheath); the sheath can be used to bludgeon zombies if the blade breaks or dulls.

Song: "Pressure the Hinges" - Haste the Day

Partner: Alexander Anderson--The dude's job is assassinating undead creatures. He has an unlimited supply of razor-sharp bayonets and is quick about getting rid of ghouls and vampires and the like. He can also regenerate lost limbs. Easy choice. The only problem is he tends to get a little psycho with the Old Testament stuff...

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Darth Maul's light-sabre

I Want You So Hard by Eagles of Death Metal

Anna Paquin. For the repopulation and the like. I don't want her draining zombies of their "powers", per se.

None of them really fit together, but hey, it's my choice!

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Fictional weapons are OK?

Weapon: GL Power Ring. I imagine some kind of device that seeks out and vaporizes all zombies in 100-mile radius.

Song: Doesn't matter. Fight's over in less than 10 seconds.

Partner: Moqtada al Sadr. So I can feed him to the zombies before I vaporize them.

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Guest GL_Nerd1337

Weapon: My Fists

Song: "The Zombies Cries" by The Uber Pwned Zombies

Companion: The Lord (as my witness)

Ha Ha! Just Kidding

Weapon: Barret .50 cal OR Green Lantern Ring (can't choose)

Song: "Reconciliation" by To The Depths

Companion: Mr. Miracle (only magic can kill zombies)

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