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So I've been watching Cheers from the beginning, and I've been wondering if they would actually address Sam's alcoholism outside of little jokes and reminders of his backstory. Then I watched the 10th episode, "Endless Slumper." And holy shit. The "don't, just don't" moment is some of the best acting I've ever seen. Ted Danson owns Sam's demons and puts them all out there in those tense few minutes. He's billed as the peak of 1980s masculinity, but at his core Sam is someone who's struggling so hard to heal. And he has a moment of temptation. He moved me to tears.

Even more, on a first viewing you think this is all about baseball. So you laugh at the jokes about Sam hurting himself because he's distracted. But on a second watch, when you know this is all about his alcoholism, it recontextualizes everything from the moment Rick walks into the bar. It's no longer funny. It's utterly tragic and powerful.

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There's a small moment when Sam successfully curves the mug of beer around the bar, signifying that he has his juju back, where Ted Danson can visibly be seen taking a step back from the edge. It's a little thing, but it's a great visual moment of acting that ranks up there with THAT MOMENT in The Good Place season one in terms of reasons why Danson is a very, very good actor.

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This is the first time Diane and Sam show signs of being true friends. Shelley Long perfectly sells Diane's panic. There's something unsaid in her performance. One almost gets the idea Diane has seen friends, family, or loved ones fall back into alcoholism. It's all in her face; she knows what Sam is feeling. Also, Diane has clearly seen Sam as someone who's lower than her from the moment she walked into Cheers. But in that moment she tried using money, humor, even pleading to get him not to have that beer. That's amazing character-building.

As for The Good Place: Since I saw Ted Danson in that moment, I've wanted him as the aged Joker in a true adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. Here, he added to that. In the "don't, just don't" scene, he scared me. At 6'2" and with his build, he's the perfect realization of the 1970s /1980s Joker. It's a shame he'll never play the character.

The only negative thing I have to say about this episode is that this is the second time Diane has been sexually assaulted, and both times it's been played for laughs. The first time was when Sam kissed her without her consent, and this time she misunderstood a conversation and walked into the office with a man who had different intentions than her. That's uncomfortable to say the least.

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I'm really surprised how this is being billed as a comedy. All of the previous Shaft films, from the original Roundtree trilogy to the SLJ relaunch were pretty straightforward. This almost looks like an Adam McKay movie.

Not it does look funny and Roundtree popping out a gun made me LOL, but I'm just taken aback by the aggressive shift in tone for what looks to be an in-continuity movie.

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Regarding the famous Cypher plot hole in The Matrix. It can be resolved.
During the opening of The Matrix, we hear Trinity and Cypher talking. When Cypher answers the phone, he sounds surprised. Worried even. Like he's been caught doing something.
He says, "You weren't supposed to relive me."
To which Trinity replies, "I felt like taking a shift."
This means Trinity is the one who plugged Cypher into the system -- into the Matrix -- and was monitoring his vitals on the Nebuchadnezzar. And she interrupted his session.
What I think happened here is, this is when Cypher and Agent Smith made their little deal over dinner and a drink. The supposed plot hole scene is actually a flashback to this opening minute. While either on a mission or getting some R&R, Cypher made a detour to sell out Morpheus.
As Trinity notes in the opening, they're being bugged.
Trinity: "Are you sure this line is clean."
Cypher: "Of course I'm sure." But he's lying. The police and Agents find her quickly. Too quickly.
Because Cypher just got done selling them out. Over steak and a drink.
He also gives this away in an earlier line. To Trinity, Cypher says, "We're gonna kill him. You understand that?"
It's a Freudian slip. The "we" he's referring to are not Morpheus and his crew hurting a newb. The "we" are the Agents and himself (for having played a part in it).
I truly think this is what happened. It's not clear in the movie, because there are no markers that it is a flashback, but I'm going with it from now on.
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On 2/12/2019 at 11:23 AM, You Know Who said:

Apparently people really hate the look of his Genie. Not entirely sure why; he doesn’t look exceptionally bad (albeit form the iPhone screen I’m typing this on) and it’d be disappointing if he wasn’t blue.

I don't know what everyone was expecting but it sure has made for some funny memes. DzJq5y1X4AAqO4g.jpg

I just think it looks unfinished myself. 

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3 hours ago, The Master said:

Last night I was having trouble sleeping, so I gave the first episode of The Umbrella Academy a try. Beyond the dancing scene (especially Ellen Page's dancing) and the cool shot in the car at the end (non-spoiler), I didn't really get anything out of it.

I'm addicted to it. I would definitely say don't give up on it yet. I just finished Episode 4 and Klaus is fucking superb in it.

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