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As Earth-2.net: The Show celebrates its fifth anniversary, a chapter comes to a close. For one last time, the gang dives headfirst into the abyss that is the Saw franchise. Join us on this glorious day as we spend over three hours bidding farewell to a self-righteous killer, gracious victims, glaring plot holes, nonstop flashbacks, illogical retcons, and the rabid fanbase that would rather see another series of gritty warehouses than anything resembling common sense. [ 3:16:13 || 90.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_425.mp3

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I'm not saying I'm defending Saw 3D, but at the beginning of Saw 2 we see a video clip of someone in a Jigsaw costume operating on a victim. The doctor walks in limping on his right foot. Also, they make sure to mention Dr. Gordon in most every Saw movie afterwards, so they were definetely building something up with him. The execution, however, was very disappointing.

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Bravo, gentlemen (and indeed, lady)!! You took full advantage of the symmetry between this podcast beginning and this franchise ending. I was only expecting a review of the movie, but the retrospective of the original film with Jenny, the video game review and the conclusion pushed this to another level. Probably my favourite episode of The Show that I haven't contributed towards!

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Will: Yeah, that's what everyone has told me from the start, but I've never felt like my $10-15 makes that much of a difference.

Ian: Before I knew everything would come full circle in the movie, I had the show plotted out, so it just worked out that way.

Also, full credit goes to DW for coming up with the idea for and writing the closing bit. :bowdown:

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

EDIT: It took the top spot this weekend with $22.5 million. :no:

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Dubs, the image of the puppet doing an E-T was fucking awesome. I could actually see it, and just the voice saying "I want to play a game" as it reaches the moon.

Anyway, still listening, and I hope you're happy, you guys have made me want to see the film now.

Also, I've played the game, and I hope you don't rip it apart for being a Saw game, as it is actually not that bad. Its just average.

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Great episode as always. After listening to it, if Saw 8 gets made, I will not be disappointed if it's not covered on the show since it would be hard to top this commentary. Also, having the review of Saw in there was an unexpected bonus. Really, these movies are a waste of cinema and I agree with every second of Dubs's rant.

Also, The Great Muppet Caper was the one with Miss Piggy on the motorcycle. Its possibly the most hardcore scene in a Muppet movie ever since she follows this up by going all kung-fu on the female thieves.

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