Episode 99


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We're only one episode away from the grand finale of World's Finest Podcast, so that means it's time for James and Mike to look back upon Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. They rethink a few grades, discuss their favorite (and least favorite) episodes from this era, rattle off characters they wish the League had faced, and more! And, of course, Ian Wilson delivers a clip montage crammed full of the duo's foolishness. [ 2:41:07 || 73.8 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_099.mp3

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In later seasons of Smallville (season 8 on), the writers have really mishandled Chloe's character, but in the early years, she was one of the best characters on the show. I agree with Mike that she was a better potential romantic interest for Clark than Lana from the start.


Why do I keep talking about Smallville?

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Guest TFG1Mike

listening now... as far as Aquaman... I've always thought that he can communicate with anything in the seas ...I could be wrong though... more thoughts to come.

As far as The BB and ROTJ timeline it was produced in between seasons 2-3. However the actual DCAU timeline ROTJ happens after Batman Beyond The TV Series.

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