Doctor Who: Your first regeneration

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The first time I watched more than a few seconds of Doctor Who was the 1996 movie, so McCoy to McGann was the very first regeneration I ever saw. However, because I was only vaguely familiar with the program, the impact of regenerating was lost on me. It wasn't until Eccleston regenerated into Tennant that I finally understood how emotional they are, and how much the show is altered when the lead actor changes.

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Baker into Davison. I felt then the same way I feel now, rewatching this era - I loved Baker and was sorry to see him go, but recognized that it was time and was very excited to see what the new guy brought.

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Pertwee into Baker.

Remember being a small kid and absolutely terrified by planet of the spiders.

Recently got it on DVD and told my son he was in for the horror ride of his life. That the spiders were so real. The show so frightening.

Well, he wasn't impressed (and neither was I). Even the regeneration was only so-so when compared to the new series he was used to. Should have left it to memory.

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Eccleston to Tennat was the first I saw, but I didn't really have that emotional feeling while it was happening because I never really liked Eccleston's Doctor, he wasn't bad just wasn't my favorite. Once I actually understood in when The Doctor said what it was like in The End of Time and coupling it with the scene of him going back to say good-bye to all the companions, I actually cried (which is a little embarrassing now that I think about it). He was my favorite Doctor and I hated to see him go. But I love Smith now so... I'm ok.

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