Hanukkah / Christmas gifts, 2011 edition


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Well, if they're celebrating Hanukkah, yes, gifting may have started already. That, or family/friend gift exchanges that might have happened before the date.

I have a horrifying Spanish Santa Chihuahua that sings something about Santa in Spanish at me, and a gag YA novel whose author's name also happens to share that of our program's former director from our office White Elephant exchange, it's pretty cute. Better than the dried boxed scorpion one of my coworkers got. :P

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Since we'll be travelling to visit family all weekend, we had the immediate family Christmas today. I got:

- $25 Barnes and Noble gift card

- Doctor Who: The Beginning DVD box set

- Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks DVD

- tennis shoes

- gloves

- shirts

- sweater

and the holy grail, a new laptop.

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Did the exchange with the family, got some nice things:

-Ulimate Marvel v Capcom 3!

-a kitchen knife set!!

-wine glasses

-wine angel

-fluffy bathrobe

-(piece of clothing that did not fit well, to be exchanged)

And something came in the mail yesterday from a friend - a Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake journal!

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Main Prize

3 photos I took of Krakow town square stitched to make 1 shot and mounted on board.

Blu Rays

Hot Fuzz

Shawn of the Dead

Coming to America


Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson

Someplace like America, tales from the new great depression - Dale Maharidge

Extreme Money, the Masters of the Universe and the cult of risk - Satyajit Das

Gift Voucher

$50 for local CD, DVD, Game store.

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My haul:


Some new pyjamas

Firefly on DVD

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) on DVD

My favourite guilty pleasure of all time on DVD - Wild Wild West

The Trip on DVD (A recent collaboration between Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon, mentioned during the review of TDK)

Batman: Arkham City for PC

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I got £20 in a card from one of my brothers. So yeah, good haul for me.

And on a non-gift note, I was finally able to apologise to someone for being a gigantic prick to them several years ago, as I hadn't spoken to them since. It means nothing to no one else, but to be able to just move on from it, is a great gift for me.

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$300 cash (!!!)

$75 in Kohl's gift cards

$25 Longhorn gift card

Batman Christmas tree ornament :D

Black & Decker portable generator

1600 Xbox Live points (Rock Band Store, here I come!)

Zoo York thermal (way too big on me, but I love thermal shirts)

Pair of jeans

The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll :fez:

A book on getting writing published--I really hope I can put this to good use with my sports writing.

All in all, an awesome day so far.

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