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I've spent the last week watching a heavy amount of The Golden Girls. It might be fun to do a big-screen remake of the series.

Shana just got home from the gym, and within two minutes of telling her your suggestion, she had a complete (and awesome) cast. I don't know when we'll do it, but The Golden Girls is on for sure!

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I'm currently watching Kenneth Branagh's 1993 adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, before everyone proclaims the new Whedon interpretation is the best version in 400 years because Joss Whedon's involved. (Important caveat - that's directed at the rest of the internet, not this site).

Now I think this is a glorious film, and I've never found Kate Beckinsale as fresh-faced and likeable as she is here when being courted by Dr Wilson from House. But Michael Keaton's turn as Dogsberry, with Ben Elton as his assistant Verges, takes me right out of the film. And there are so many star names in this film that it's interesting to pick them out, and could make for an interesting cast comparison when it comes to recasting. Admittedly, most names are British but you've also got Denzel Washington and Keanu Reeves in key roles.

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I saw Beetlejuice at the end of a horror all-nighter. Can't say I was overly impressed, but given how tired I was at the time, I'll give it another watch at some point. Keaton's good in the Burton Batfilms and was very enjoyable in Mr Mom - other than Much Ado, I haven't seen another live action performance. He was fun in Toy Story 3.

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For the sake of variety, I thought it would be fun to suggest one film from each decade of the 1900s, each one of a different genre. Remaking some would delight me, others terrify me, and the rest are curveballs, as I have no idea how they’d be remade.

1902: A Trip to the Moon, Georges Melies’s whimsical sci-fi.

1919: Male and Female, Cecil B. Demille’s silent adventure film that explores gender and class.

1927: The Jazz Singer, Alan Crossland’s musical, and the first ever talkie.

1933: The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, Fritz Lang’s supernaturalish crime piece. It pissed off the Nazis, so is probably worth a look.

1944: Gaslight, George Cukor’s psychological thriller which ended up naming af orm of abuse,

1952: High Noon, Fred Zimmerman’s western, which some argue is actually an anti-western.

1962: To Kill A Mockingbird, Robert Mulligan’s courtroom drama, which contains possibly the best fictional father ever..

1973: Don’t Look Now, Nicolas Roeg’s horror, for my money, one of the best in the genre..

1986: Blue Velvet, David Lynch’s Crime Thriller, including a scene it took me several tries to get through.

1998: Dark City, Alex Proyas’s Sci-Fi Noir, and a personal favourite.

I hope this helps, and I’d love to see what you do with them.

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Welcome to the forums.

I don't think you could really remake Blue Velvet. It is so linked to David Lynch that any other director would never be able to capture what makes it work. Any director that tried would likely miss the point or would try so hard to copy it that it ends up crashing.

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Thank you!

That's what I was thinking, to be honest. I'm a massive fan of the film, and a remake would be very hard to do. However, I could see Hollywood wanting to, and so I imagine it would play a little like the Psycho episode of For Better or Worse. I will admit that it is probably the weakest entry on my list.

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