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Got something for around March, Hoosiers (due to the NCAA Basketball tournament time)

Very ripe for multiple scenarios; Keep it time specific, move to a different era (say today, say 1970s, say 1990s, it can work in any era), change the gender of the team, change the gender of the Hackman character, etc.

It has a lot of potential for a remake with a different forumla as opposed to straight up retelling or modernization of the same story.

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Covering it isn't set in stone, but Shana liked the idea of doing Hoosiers in March.

I think we might pass on The Mighty Ducks, at least for now, because we're running out of kids to cast. Hell, Hoosiers is gonna be tough considering it's about a high school team.

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I know you've previously said you don't "get John Wayne," which, whatever. And given how great the remake of True Grit turned out, how about some older westerns? Personally, Rio Bravo and The Searchers come to mind, as they're just great films, but you could even go with Pale Rider, Hang 'Em High or Magnificent Seven (which itself is a remake of Seven Samurai.)

I'd stay away from A Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, because they're incredibly iconic and basically perfect.

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The Addams Family

What started as a dark humored one panel comic in the New Yorker has been adapted in several mediums shared all around the world. The 1991 movie had its flaws, but I feel that they got the most important parts correct.

That is why whenever I hear rumors about Tim Burton working on the remake I groan. Even though his visuals would be perfect, Burton does not seem to go far from telling the same story (and using the same cast). Which I feel would miss the main point of the Addams family entirely.

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That would be the "Hollywood" remake idea - Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as Gomez and Morticia. I remember really liking The Addams Family, but I've heard it's never been put on DVD. Back in the VCR days, I taped Addams Family Values, so I've seen that film dozens of times.

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My first experience with the movies came from a "American Indians in film" class where Wednesdays talk about American Indians caught everyone by surprise. Ever since then whenever we see smarmy Thanksgiving skits we wish Wednesday could come and mess things up with the truth.

The movies took the dark humor from the comic that the 60's tv show repressed (never mind people still saw the show trashy because Morticia and Gomez shared a bed). I loved Raul Julias performance. He seemed perfect for the strange man who cares for his family and passionately loves his wife.

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