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With the dress Leia was clearly just swapping one rape-stained set of clothes for another. I mean, they're clearly planning on cooking the rest of them but not Leia, what were they planning for her? Maybe the guys weren't the only ones about to be spit-roasted. #fuckingDARK #sosorry

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Finished the episode, this, wasn't as epic as I was hoping. Your review made me realise, how very little there was in the actual film. There's fighting Jabba, Ewoks and then the final fight with Vader and the Emperor, and the happy ending that's it, I don't know why, but whenever I think of Jedi, I thought there was so much more.

Also, great background information as always from Dan. Again, great episode, just a shame the movie, is so short.

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You guys kind of had a small gripe regarding Yoda's lesson/ teaching and how at the end of Empire it was "too soon, and he needed more training before versing Vader" and in Jedi "His training was complete, and the final test was to face Vader". Now, I'm not trying to defend it, but is it possible that Luke has returned and trained more with Yoda after the events of Empire. I don't think it would take him a full year to build a new saber, and devise possibly THE WORST PLAN EVER. But then again, you guys have read the Star Wars novels and I haven't, so is something said in a novel that says other wise?

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I knew a guy who never saw the original series, he rented the special edition dvds and when it came to the ending where Hayden Christensen was revealed I heard him groan. At that moment he realized he was robbed of seeing its original glory.

The few things I loved about the special edition was the panpipe and flutes at the end. It reminded me of Peruvian folk music. In fact, when I was in a marketplace in Lima, I saw a shirt with a conquistador standing in front of a Quechua shepherd, the conquistador had a Darth Vader shadow and the shepherd had a Yoda shadow. I regret not buying it.

My favorite version of the Yub-Nub song was Simon Peggs version from "Spaced." The sound effects in ewok celebration is so exaggerated, that whenever I hear it I picture Han and Chewie tossing drunk ewoks around.

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