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Sony Considers 2005 PS3 Release

A company rep hints at the possibility of a release this year.

by Anoop Gantayat

May 12, 2005 - In a surprising twist on the next generation hardware race, a Sony representative has stated that a year 2005 release for the next generation PlayStation is a possibility. Responding to questions from Jiji news service, Sony Chief Financial Officer Takao Yuhara states, "For the year end sales season, simultaneously building up both the PlayStation Portable system in America and Europe as well as the next generation PlayStation is one option that we have."

Most industry speculation calls for a next generation PlayStation release in 2006. Sony's third party developers have backed this assumption up with a strong list of PlayStation 2 titles planned for the rest of the year and early next.

The state of the next generation PlayStation software shown at next week's E3 show should reveal if a 2005 release is a possibility for the new system, or if Yuhara's comments were designed to take some steam out of Microsoft's Xbox 360 unveiling later today.

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Sony has a stranglehold on the casual gamer market, and they're fucking nuts if they believe they can retain said market if they sell the PS3 for anywhere near (or above) $500. The Xbox 360 is rumored to sell between $300 and $400 and the Revolution will be less than that, so really only the Sony diehards will be grabbing the PS3 within the first year.

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I am current PS2 owner. But honestly, I am looking at switching loyalties to Nintendo when the revolution comes out. I don't have the money to drop half a grand to a grand for a video game, I have trouble getting myself to buy games for $50 instead of waiting six months so they are only $20, and even then I buy them used. Sony is nuts if they think ANYONE is going to pay that much. None of the gamers I know can afford it, and no parent is going to shell out a grand when next to the PS3 on the shelf is a $200 Revolution and a $350 360. Especially since most games are multiplatform these days.

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well, alot of sony/xbox multiplatform action but Nintendo is just starting to get a grip on 3rd parties again. I know there have been times my Nintendo Whore loyalties have been tested by games that come out on everything else. Given I feel their first party games more than make up for it, and thus I'm still owned by nintendo.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't console makers lose money on the system and make it back (and then some) in games?

I don't think Sony's going to be charging that much for the PS3. Even if they roll it out for $500+, they will be forced to cut the price if Nintendo and/or Microsoft cuts into their market share.

Backwards compatibility with PS2 and PS1 games is a great (and needed) feature.

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It seems as though Sony has finally turned a profit with the PS2, so they may hold off on releasing the PS3 until 2007!

I had assumed that was when it was coming out anyway. My friend pays a shitload of attention to video game updates, and he's said forever now that Sony isn't going to release the PS2 for at least 2 more years.

Well he obviously doesn't pay that much attention.

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Well, it's getting closer to release in Japan and we still don't know anything. A poll was done in Japan and most people think it's coming out this Christmas(it's supposed to be in March).

Also, a guy was fired for doing an interview where he talked about the PS3 and how people working for Sony say it's not as good as the XBox360, and that it is nowhere near ready to launch. He also said that the game he was working on is a rushed title that is not next gen at all. People have narrowed it down by what he said and the game might be Killzone 2.

You said what? Your fired!

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That's funny, beacause Microsoft themselves have admitted that the PS3 is more powerful then the Xbox 360.

Slightly more powerful in terms of raw power, yes. The difference is in the GPU, and the RAM. Sony scaled back the clock speed of the cell from that was originally announced too. Add to the fact that the PS3 is still only numbers on paper and we still don't know. The fact that Sony people working with the system say that it's not as good as the 360 is huge.

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Delays likely for Sony's PlayStation 3

By Chris Nuttall in San Francisco

Sony's next-generation PlayStation 3 video game console might not appear in key markets this year and could cost the electronics giant $900 per unit to produce initially, according to Merrill Lynch analysts.

Sony has indicated a Spring launch for its console in Japan and the industry is not expecting a North American launch until November. But Hitoshi Kuriyama of Merrill Lynch in Japan says there are reports that the PS3 could be delayed by between six and 12 months, meaning an autumn launch in Japan and a late 2006 or early 2007 launch in the US.

Also, Merrill Lynch analysts in San Francisco have estimated that the initial bill of materials for PS3 could approach $900, falling to $320 by three years after launch.

The implications are that Sony could have to decide to make a substantial loss on the PS3 through subsidies or risk low sales at the higher price and hand the advantage to Microsoft - first to market with its Xbox 360 next-generation console.

Delays will also have an impact on revenues for companies supplying components for the PS3 such as Nvidia, which is making the graphics chip, as well as games publishers.

Merrill Lynch says the revolutionary multi-core Cell processor, developed with IBM and Toshiba, at the heart of the console appears to be difficult and expensive to manufacture, costing at least $230 per unit initially. The Blu-Ray DVD drive, which is a new Sony standard in competition with Toshiba's HD-DVD, will cost an estimated $350. With expensive memory, graphics and other components the total cost could be $900 per unit in 2006.

As a result, the analysts suggest that Sony could limit supplies of the PS3 this year to 2m-3m in order to reduce such losses. Costs will begin to fall in 2007 and the parts should cost only about $320 three years after launch.

Sony is likely to reveal more on its plans for the console at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose in March and the E3 video games show in Los Angeles in May.

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I said it at the Oratory, but people can't read, and I suppose if someone sees it here, maybe they will read it. The $900 figure is wrong. If you read the Merrill Lynch advisory and look at the summation of estimated PS3 component costs it comes out to $800, not $900.

However, these estimates are probably pretty far off, as Sony hasn't even finalized a hardware design. Developers at DICE were saying that the demo boxes that have been shown don't actually have room for the hardware Sony wants to put in them, so expect a different looking final product. That construction estimate is based on what Merrill Lynch THINKS Sony is going to use.

Official word from Sony is still Spring 2006. I don't believe that, because Sony was awful quiet at DICE and if they had a console launch within 6 months, you'd think they'd have said SOMETHING.

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I know no-one will agree with me here, BUT, why not try something totally different and make the PS3 a limited release. If the analysts a predicting sales of 2-3 million consoles in the first year, half it and only release 1mil in the first year, or even 500k, WORLDWIDE....

Basic economics state that high demand + limited supply = high price. Of course my suggestion is that the limited supply will infact create the high demand, which will in turn support the high price.

So they could sell for the $500 (or even $750) because there will be the people that don't want to miss out. Also, if they have a firm release date, they could say 3 months prior, allow people to pre-purchase/reserve them. Plus if they make it backwards compatible, blule-ray and online ready, all out of the box, then that will increas the temptation for people as well.

Just an idea...

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Conventional wisdom increasingly indicates that a delay of the PlayStation 3 from its originally intended spring launch date is all but inevitable.

Last month, a Merrill Lynch report predicted a 6-12-month delay for the system, followed shortly thereafter by a reported Sony acknowledgement that a PS3 delay was a possibility if the supply of parts to make the console lagged.

Yet more aspersions have been cast on Sony's purported spring PS3 launch, as Friedman Billings Ramsey analyst Shawn Milne issued an industry update to investors saying Sony's clearly going to miss its spring window. He added that the Japanese release might miss the summer as well, and North American gamers may not be playing the system in 2006 at all.

"More supply chain data suggest the possibility of a launch delay," Milne wrote. "According to our semiconductor research team, there are further indications that the Sony PS3 launch may be late (although there remains significant confusion on the timing of launches by geography)."

Milne also noted that Sony apparently did not give retailers a release date on the PS3 at its recent Destination PlayStation event as further evidence of a slip in the schedule.

According to Milne, a North American PS3 release in the first quarter of 2007 would cause weakness in the industry and a poor fourth quarter for 2006. However, he projects a sell out for the system even if it does launch in early 2007, and a muted long-term impact on the industry from the delay. Unlike other analysts, Milne didn't offer a prediction on the console's price, which has been targeted anywhere from US$399 to US$799.

When the system launches, Milne says Electronic Arts will likely get the biggest boost of the publishers, as it has "8-12 titles planned for the PS3 launch". Previously announced PS3 titles from the publisher include Fight Night Round 3, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Def Jam 3, and a next-gen Madden game.

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