Movies that you like but everyone else hates.


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Lots and lots.

Green Lantern - Most issues people have with it are straight from the comic, like the hot wheels scene.

Daredevil - I just like it. I know it's not great but I still like it. I was also not a Daredevil fan so I didn't care if they screwed up the character.

Gangs of New York - I love this movie, and don't understand why it doesn't get the credit I think it deserves. I also love history and spent a lot of time after seeing it reading about the actual 5 Points.

John Carter - There was absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. I think if the source material was more beloved it would have been a hit.

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Death Proof. Don't approach it as a movie, approach it as Tarantino having fun. This is not nor did it ever set out to be Pulp Fiction.

John Carter is a weird one. I know it's completely backwards but I feel like it owes a huge amount to the newer Star Wars films in terms of look and feel (yes I know those films used John Carter stories as reference points) so whilst I actually don't mind the film as a whole, it nonetheless has negative associations for me.

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The director's cut of Daredevil is quite enjoyable.

For reasons I will never understand, if I'm home alone and flipping through channels on a Sunday afternoon and I run across The Mighty Ducks, I put the remote down.

The Shadow.

I also really liked John Carter, but I don't know if that was a movie everyone hates, so much as a giant flop that the public was at best indifferent to (but that the Hollywood press gleefully pounced on).

Batman Forever is by no stretch a good film, but I have fun while watching it.

The Fantastic Four movies are something I revisit from time to time, almost purely on the strength of Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans (and because I'm a longtime FF mark and am just jazzed they got two movies).

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Gangs of New York: Kind of a brilliant film with an ending that sort of ruins it.

Friday the 13th remake: one of the best times I've had watching a movie in my entire life.

Daredevil: The director's cut borders on being a great film.

Silent Hill: it's what Lucio Fulci would have done if he was born 40 years later.

Event Horizon: this is actually one of my favorite movies.

Big Fish: if there was no Ed Wood or Beetlejuice, this would be Burton's best movie. And one of the three that are in any way good.

Shutter Island

Hugo: two movies that to me prove that Scorsese is the best right now.

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Superman III

Batman Returns

Where the Wild Things Are

The Polar Express


The Master

The Hunchback of Notre Dame



Napoleon Dynamite

European Vacation

Weekend at Bernie's



More will come later I'm sure.

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Gangs of New York is one of the most historically inaccurate movies ever, but that probably stems from it being based off a book by Herbert Asbury that was poorly researched to begin with. The real "Five Points" wasn't even remotely close to as violent as it's depicted in the movie. That being said, over the last few years I've softened up to the film a lot and appreciate it for what it is. And Daniel Day-Lewis is arguably the greatest actor alive. (I also find it funny and awesome that he plays a character who despises Abe Lincoln.)

I wasn't aware that people hated Big Fish, either. That's one of the few movies that ever made me cry. It's brilliant.

As for me:

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Street Fighter

Escape from L.A.

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