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  1. Since many of the dubs were produced by Bandai in the first place I would expect them to be passed along to Sunrise. And not that I was expecting to turn around nd sell I think my Gundam SEED DVD sets just lost 80% of their value.
  2. Queen - Another One Bites the Dust The Offspirng - All I Want CeeLo Green - Fuck You Motley Crue - Kickstart my Hart Savage Garden - Gunning Down Romance Korn - Make Me Bad Jimmy Jacobs - kiss2kill Guns N Roses - Coma Godsmack - The Enemy Boo-Yah T.R.I.B.E. ft Eminem - 911 Songs to listen to looking down on Earth from the Red Bull Statos Balloon.
  3. Strong Bad - Trogdor Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be Offspring - Neocon Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames AC/DC - Big Gun David Usher - Alone in the Universe Foo Fighters - DOA Gary Jules - Mad World I Mother Earth - One More Astronaut Matthew Good - Alert Status Red Someone make me a Sega playlist (please try to avoid songs prominently used in the games themselves....ie All I Want)
  4. Actual game show.....hey my game shows are just as real..... In all seriousness I want to see this like crazy.
  5. I woke up and laughed at that, resisting the urge to troll the fuck out all the Man U bandwagon jumpers around here.
  6. I know we're a solid 5 years past his peak of popularity but this was a very fun Nostalgia Critic video, and the payoff at the end was phenomenal. The Top 11 Worst (by default) Episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  7. He kind of was a terrorist when he had guys is masks come down to the ring with piano wire to choke out Undertaker then carry out Daivari like he was a martyr'd suicide bomber. The Hassan gimmick started well but then quickly devolved into that.
  8. Oh the HBK Irony gets worse. Wait til Episode 5-7
  9. I do believe it's scheduled to be released only in Soviet Russia.
  10. Yeah, but they were mentally done with Bryan around Nov-Jan this most recent year until they realized the crowd was molten for Bryan. Him coming of a 9 month layoff I think is going to make him just as popular and ever, and I fear they could end up in a similar spot as last year but with Reigns in the role of Batista. The difference there is that while Batista is a guy near the end of his career, Roman does have some mileage to go. They could delay his coronation and still have him hot and let Bryan do his thing at Mania. Or for all I know the reactions to Roman could end up getting much bigger and his performence could get worthy of Mania main event in the next 7 months (he's definitely improving in singles, he just has a bit more still to go).
  11. They're hoping around Royal Rumble, but with the various surgeries who knows. I'd love to see Bryan/Brock at Mania but there's also the ptoential scuttlebutt in that in seeming they want to make Roman Reigns the next guy, but I don't think he cuts it as a singles guy just yet. One guy that has the character and crowd reactions to pull it off though I think could be Dean Ambrose.
  12. That Cena/Brock match was incredible, was just a prolonged squash match as the main event for the 2nd/3rd biggest show of the year. Whoever gets the belt off Lesnar is going to have the rub of all rubs.
  13. Steen/Zayn vs Usos is all I want for Christmas now.
  14. Happy birthday to my partner in crime.
  15. Yeah who would have ever seen that one coming
  16. Considering Korra was supposed to be 2 seasons in the first place and the comparative length of Avatar I'd be perfectly fine with it ending after Book 4. That said, really bummed about what's happening.
  17. Rewatching and loving Romeo x Juliet. 4 episodes in, love the music. Brina Palencia, Coleen Clinkenbeard and J Michael Tatum (Juliet, Cordillia, William respectively) are all fucking awesome with their performences.
  18. I watched the first season that we have on Netflix up here. I liked it, didn't love it, but liked it.
  19. The running gag to every small/medium problem that happened at Ai-Kon. Could be worse, could be Dashcon.
  20. God damn I'm so happy I put my time and effort into a little 3-4k attendee convention instead. That said we are 8 days from setup day. I'm not really behind but I still have this dread of I NEED TO DO EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW AND OH MY GOD I KNOW SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG EVEN IF I TEST EVERYTHING 50 TIMES~!!
  21. Happy birthday Dan, now celebrating his 40th birthday for the 23rd consecutive year
  22. A couple amazing sports videos The final Hockey Night In Canada Signoff (Set to Queen's The Show Must Go On) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsPG-JCwtHc#t=66s And the Chilean miners in possibly the greatest World Cup Commercial Ever.:
  23. It's spelled 'eh' ya hoser. Thanks for the wishes.