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We should have a flickchart thread for especially difficult choices. I think it would lead to some pretty interesting arguments. Also I take full responsibility for introducing the "life-sapping evil" of flickchart to the forums.

And on the seventh day, Ian rested.

Use this thread to flag up difficult choices you've had to make and the various pros and cons of ranking films in such an OCD way! What's currently your top film? What's currently your bottom-most film? And what decade have you ranked the most often?

Also, why not post your own Flickchart handle on here? It's a given that, in the near future, your list will very much be a work in progress and no-one will seriously think that you regard "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" as the best film of all time. Mine is slothian205.

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gturner321 is the username.

My current #1 is The Shining (1980)

My current worst is War of the Worlds (2005)

I have had my fair share of difficult pairings, unfortunately none come to mind at the moment except maybe Blade Runner vs The Empire Strikes Back.

BTW, if anyone is interested, there is a great youtube channel with three guys having a ton of fun playing on flickchart, Totally Rad Show: VS (and that kid in the middle is Dan Trachtenberg, who's attached to direct Y: The Last Man).

That's all I got for now, I'll be back when I've got more provocative pairings.

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I tried to use the site very briefly when it first caught on, but I got really tired of sifting through movies I never saw nor cared about. I do wish they had some filter to prevent constantly asking you to rank a bunch of comedy dreck.

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It was only once I got past the 4-500 mark that it started suggesting a lot of movies I haven't seen. I do feel like it would take weeks to accurately sort my entire list, especially since I'm certain the number of films I need to rank stretches into the 1000-1500 range.

Whilst the vs rating method is easy and straightforward it'd be a better list creator if you could just slot the film into the chart yourself without dealing with the matchups.

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