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I kinda feel like the only way to get Tony to the place they want him is the kill Pepper in Avengers 2.

Seems like they're bumping Thanos back to Avengers 4 territory, which is just risky as far as the contracts issues go. They'll probably kill off Evans' Cap before then, but are they really going to be able to tempt Hemsworth, Downey Jr, basically the headliners back for a fourth crossover?

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There's been a rumor floating around that Avengers 3 is going to be a B-Team movie with Thanos being his own movie. I really could care less. My main thing is that if I'm going to see a movie called Captain America, then I'm going to expect it to be about Captain America. I do not want it to be Iron Man featuring Captain America which, if they have RDJ, that's what it's going to devolve into. Even if they don't intend it to go there, RDJ just has more charisma than Evans. I'm sorry to say it but it's true. If they wanted him for another movie, they should have shoved him into Iron Man 4 where I could ignore him. I dunno, it'll probably still be good but I'm apprehensive.

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Did Marvel actually say anything about doing Civil War or is this just a rumor?

Marvel teased "Civil War" during the year Captain America 3 is released. Seeing as they're already remining Secret Wars in the comics it follows that they wouldn't do the same to CW inside of ten years.

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I'm with Will. Captain America is Marvel's most worthwhile franchise and I don't want 3 to be another Iron Man 2 where MCU bullshit gets shoved in it.

Wait, what? Firstly, it only closed in at like 10% more than Thor TDW or GotG. Secondly, IM2 wasn't ruined by universe stuff, it was just a sub-par movie. lunch with Fury and Cap's shield didn't effect a thing. Thirdly, Winter Soldier was one of the most tied in universe movies of any in the whole thing and it was great. If you were going to do a universe film this is where it'd be done, and adding Iron Man to it basically knocks it straight into the billion range.

I mean, I wasn't in favour of Civil War, I think there's problems with forcing this story in a universe without the weight of history that the comics version had, but if they're going to do it then that's where it should be done. Aside from anything else if they're ever going to go Buckycap involving him in Cap 3 and the Civil War works.

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If they do Civil War, they are going to have to mention that there are other superheros in the world otherwise the story will feel pretty insignificant. The whole point of the story is unregulated people with powers running around being a threat to the world. Stark has already shown how against the government being involved with his tech he is during Iron Man 2. Of course, I have a feeling that Stark might change his mind after the events of Avengers 2 where he builds the biggest threat to mankind and probably feels pretty shitty about that.

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They'll probably just adapt the idea of Civil War in a non-literal sense. Put Cap and Tony on opposite ends of a political battle and have them fight it out. Because really, what did Civil War matter, on a character level, to anyone besides Tony and Cap? Spider-Man was the only other character majorly affected.

Based on prior widespread rumors, along with Variety's report on Cap 3, this is what the future is looking like:

Cap 2 and Agents of SHIELD have both mentioned the fact that Stark Industries is basically becoming a privatized SHIELD (which actually goes back to Iron Man 2, where he says, "I've privatized world peace."). So Tony is already setting up his "army" of sorts.

Avengers 2: Tony makes Ultron; Ultron turns evil. Oops.

Cap 3: Tony wants regulation put upon dangerous individuals, possibly out of guilt for what he did with Ultron. Cap disagrees, they fight, Cap is killed or incapacitated.

Avengers 3: Iron Man leads a new team of Avengers (roughly analogous to the post-Civil War Mighty Avengers in the comics)

Avengers 4: The entire gang gets back together for one last battle with the original team.

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