I'm Engaged!


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For those of you people that have been here since the start or known me since the pre E-2 days on the Oratory, this will get some posts in the Feeling old thread. My girlfriend and I got engaged over the weekend!

The proposal was a piece of epicness.Jen & I had met at Ai-Kon Winterfest in 2013 and first got got to really know each other at the the Greg Ayres rave at Ai-Kon proper that year. Over the years by our staffing and Animezing Podcast and whatnot we've both become pretty good friends with Greg, so what I was able to do was have him bring us on stage to dance at the rave with him at Anime Detour in the Twin Cities this past Saturday. After about an hour he played the closest thing we have to our song (Pretty Rave Girl) then kills the music, takes the mic and clues the crowd in that somthing is happening. In front of about 400 people I get down on a knee and propose. She said yes, the crowd popped like crazy and everyone was happy. I am hoping to have photos or video of it soon once the con itself gets all its stuff in order.

Now to figure out where, when and how we will have our wedding, where in North America we want to live and figuring out immigration. Ah who cares this is awesome!

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