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I tThis also says that Lucas will only be a consultant, and that Kathleen Kennedy will be the executive producer. Let me remind you she was one of the executive producers behind amazing movies like Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future, ET, the first three Indiana Jones, etc. Then again, she was also the executive producer in some so so and some bad movies.

I actually have high hopes for this. With Lucas out of the director's and hopefully the writer's chair, maybe they'll bring in good people that can actually make a good movie.

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I would LOVE to see the Admiral Thrawn Trilogy, though it brings up something else. All those authors of the SW novels were pretty much safe knowing Lucas would never turn one of their stories into a film because he's too close to the franchise to allow that kind of creative control. Bet they're all a little freaked out right now, now that there is a treasure trove of content with which Disney can make billions of dollars on movie ticket sales alone without having to buy the rights to the pre-created stories.

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