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No boss. I won't interrupt you while you're working on the papers you should've had done months ago that I've been nagging you about and you are now looking at a final deadline of a few days on. Dont forget you still have someone's unfinished annual review from last year to do still.

I'll just tell you when you're in next week about how no one on the safety team knows who you are and are openly questioning your role on the team. *facedesk*

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TMI zone: tonight I opened a cupboard and a huge glass jar fell out. I pulled an amazing maneuver and gabbed it out of the air by swooping my hand down and grasping the lid with my palm. Pretty good, right? Because of how fast my hand was going to grab it before it hit the ground, it kept going after I had it and I ended up smashing the bottom of a mason jar into my testicles. So, right now, I'm in more pain than I was after my vasectomy.

All for a fucking jar that probably wouldn't have broken anyway.

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I took today off work to ensure that a vital piece of legal coursework was knocked on the head before Sunday's deadline. Not only did I get nothing done, but I was also informed that my landlord is intending to sell off Biddlestone Towers, AKA the place where I live.

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Our head chef just put in his notice. My job has become a black hole of uncertainty and suck.

On one hand, chaos is a ladder, and I may be able to gain some authority and a raise.

On the other hand, being tasked with running the kitchen by committee in the interim is going to be awful and even worse, we have no idea what kind of new chef is gonna be hired.

I'm actually working a job I find satisfying now, and for it to be in jeopardy terrifies me.

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  • 2 months later...

S'been a week. Starting on Sunday spending the majority of the day at a tire shop getting my car fixed after it spontaneously caught a flat, leading to me dropping $850 on other assorted problems with it. Only a preview of the week as a whole caring for my perpetually ill mother (she's got Parkinson's) getting more and more paranoid and depressed not making enough money at my lame job as it is. It's been the status quo for a while now, but this week all the stinging effects of this life have really been hitting home, signaling that something's gotta break soon.

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Quiet workplace agony:

-Trip that was being proposed as compensation for all the additional work I'm doing for two international efforts got shot down. Waiting to see how efforts respond. In the meantime, have realized that I am essentially doing several thousand dollars' worth of additional work that's not part of my job description for these efforts for free (highlights: running and collecting surveys on a massive scale, creating and running websites, and coordinating international levels of effort) and have basically helped my boss get promoted to a higher level of contribution on these books/systems on the basis of the free labor that has been provided for them. Not that happy about it on all fronts.

-Job that I'd applied for suddenly switched from full time to part time within the 24 hours it took to respond to me. Had to turn them down because of that change, but hey, 24 hour response time based on the resume, that has to be good.

-Meanwhile: job I'm really gunning for has the position still listed as open on their page, but the central HR page it links to listed it as either expired or filled, and has for almost two weeks now. Wondering if it's worth it to give HR people (if I can find them) a nudge and ask if they are still looking for the position. EDIT: Did, and they totally filled it. Fuck.

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Today I had terrible back pain. It kept me up all night. It was so much of a menace that I had to call in sick to work. My father had a inspection clinic that he does once every year. I know it is one of the most stressful events of the year for him so I went and helped around 4:00 pm. Roughly five hours later I got home and made myself dinner. I then sat on the couch and tried not to think about everything that is weighing me down.

My mother assumed the reason why I was so down was because of the weight gain. I told her that I was depressed because I flunked my classes this semester. She made assumptions about why I flunked. Reminded me that I do not make enough money at my current job and told me I needed to get certified in something that she has done.

Now I feel stupid and fat.

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This is Dog Mountain.


It's about 10 minutes drive from my house.

The air is bright orange because of the smoke and fire retardant dumped on the fire over the past 48 hours.

The real bitch is that sitting on that very lake, about a 6 degree turn to the left for the camera that took that picture, is the Mars Water Bomber. It's the most effective firefighting airplane in North America and has put out fires from Northern Alaska down to Southern California in the past couple years. Yes, the rich people in the LA hills can thank it for saving many of their houses.

Because our Provincial government doesn't want to pay for its upkeep, it is grounded permanently even though it is in perfect working order and FEET from the worst forest fire this area has seen in the ten years I've lived here.

This is the same government that is trying to break my union. The same government that caused a man's suicide by slandering him in a bullshit medical research investigation fiasco. The same government who is allowing Nestle to truck a millions of litres of water (for $2.25 per million litres) in the worst drought of my lifetime. Fuck, I wish this bitch of a Premier would burn.

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