Superman: Doomsday


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I'll keep spoilers hidden for a little while yet.

My biggest gripe is that Doomsday is killed before the halfway point of the movie. Why call it Superman:Doomsday when he wasn't the main focus of the story?

Lex is evil as hell in this one, and I love it. When he killed his assistant, I was like fuck yeah!

I don't like that they basically said Superman is immortal.

Lois and Supes do the nasty at the beginning of the movie. At that point he hadn't told her he was Clark Kent. I thought that was outside his character.

I like that they brought real life into it with Clark going to Afghanistan to cover the war, but it was a cheap way out of explaining Clark's disappearance after Superman died. Lazy writing ftw.

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I liked this one a lot, don't worry I'll leave the spoilers for later, but I did have a few issues.

The animation was the old JLU stuff exactly, but the new character models, Lex, Supes and Lois in partcular, looked out of place as a result. Superman's cheecks were all messed up, like a much older version of the JLU one, Lex was much much slimmer and Lois, well, she seemed like a different woman altogether. Superman and Lex were both rooted in the old shows, Lois was a complete makeover. I understand that this particular tale needed to be stand alone from the old series and thus new model would help that differentiation, but the updates in most cases were so damn close it was hard not to compare. Doomsday was near-identical excepting the teeth.

Lastly, I had to point out that there was an insane amount of city-bound destruction in this film and needlessly so. Supes had many oppertunities to move these brawls to safer less populated areas and yet he seemed to prefer smashing his opponant through many presumably occupied buildings.

My final gripe is that the clone Superman is hounded for his willingness to kill, but in the end the real Superman kills him. Yes he was under fire but the end result is still one dead villian. You can't tell me he didn't think this through, he knew he was killing the clone.

I actually sympathise greatly with the clone, he reacted just as many put in that position might. Superman could have saved the life of that 4 year old girl if only he had n't saved Toyman when he destroyed the spider. The execution of Toyman was just rectifieing that mistake. In fact it wasn't until they tried to come after Superman that he really did anything truly unreasonable. Was his menacing turn supposed to be when he was stroking a cat and educating its owner on proper care? Clone Supes was a great man.

In addition I severely question the decision to send the army after the rogue supes. They all knew they were toast and yet some higher-up took their lives for granted and sent them right on in.

All that being said, I heartily approved of all the more adult themes involved in this story, it certainly helped set it apart from the old series. Bring on Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and Justice League: The New Frontier. I hope these for the first of many stand alone films covering the best stories from the comics. They have to do a Batman tale next. Year one, DKR or Hush would top my list. Hush in particular would be interesting since it covers so much of Bat's rogues' gallery.

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I agree about the cheeks being messed up. it was distracting. They made him look like an old man.

One thing I don't understand is I know Doomsday was in JL, but they gave him a different origin in this one.

If they do a Batman, I imagine it will be a variation of Knightfall. Especially if this one sells.

It was a totally new continuity, this isn't from the JLA-verse. This origin was closer to the original one, Doomsday was just randomly released on earth instead of being a messed-up Superman clone. Firstly this aids new viewers (they don't have to understand who or what Doomsday is) and secondly

Doomsday being a clone might be too much of one thing in this story

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Hated the voice actor for Lois Lane, and also the lines on Supermans cheeks that made him look 20 years older for some reason.

That would be Anne Heche, and yes, she was horrible. The whole movie was a huge disappointment. So much so that I think it's going to be a Tirades subject in the near future.

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I like the movie much more than Batman: Gotham Knight (which was great in parts but overall meh). I ALSO think Heche was a terrible Lois.

On my topic though, cover art is out for the Two Disc Special Edition DVD is out.

It seems to be the just old cover in gold. I'm kind of pissed off about this re-release when they could have just put on more fun crap before. It was not that long ago that the 'old' DVD came out, so I think this had to have been in the pipeline for some time.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

holy crap I bought this DVD when it first came out just because I'm a DCAU Fan and love almost everything Bruce Timm & Co do but I found the above story on this afternoon why the hell are they rereleasing it as a 2 Disc Set????

This is crazy if they were going to do a "special edition" they should have released it along with the 1 disc edition I am a completionist when it comes to Bruce Timm related material. However this is just sad!!!!!! I REFUSE to buy this movie again unless it has like 20hrs ofd bonus features..... highly unlikely I know but damn!!! :no::no::no::no::no::no::no:

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Guest DCAUFan1051

ok ok I know in my last post on here I said I wasn't buying the NEW Superman Doomsday 2 Disc Special Edition but TvShowsOnDVD just posted the article of what the extra and NEW features would be and there's a sneek peek at Wonder Woman (no pun intended) below is the link to their story

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