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Vertigo is not their own company and neither is Wildstorm. They are owned by DC and just as much a part of DC as something like Johnny DC.

I know that. I was just saying it's not his place to know whats going on with them. But that's not the point of this thread. What I was saying is that they have their own EIC, so he is not needed for the books they publish under that banner. I don't really know why I'm talking about what DiDido does and doesn't have power over in DC.

As Preston said, Didido is a great pitchman, his enthusiasm really comes across and almost makes you care, but he is not the person who is meant to make sure that everything little thing sticks together, it's the books editors job.

EDIT:Anyway, on topic. This really throws up in the air if the Joker is really the red hood or not. One thing I am really hoping for is for Frank Quietly to draw the Joker.

I wonder how Morrison will tie into Blackest night with issue 7, maybe he'll have the return of the people who were killed in the Black Glove, the other Batmen from other places, as a few of them died I think.

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There's a different style with this than he did on GL, it seems like. GL seemed smoother (just by a bit), while his Bats style seems a bit heavier on the hatching, and more gritty by comparison.

Also, w/r/t the Hood's identity:

Isn't Todd another one of Morrison's pet characters, like Daimian (who is admittedly getting better)?

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I think he might have been rushed. I liked his art last issue, but it was a mess in this one.

I can't recall Morrison using Todd before, although he could be picking up the ball after Battle For The Cowl and running with it now.

As for Damian, I've never had a problem with him. He's supposed to be a bratty little kid.

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Grant Morrison Talks Batman's Future

Thursday, December 24th 2009

Comic Book Resources had a chance to talk with Grant Morrison about the future of Batman. Morrison, who has been writing Batman in some kind of capactiy for the last three years, is bringing Bruce Wayne, who he "killed," back to the Bat-books. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

CBR: In January, you kick off a new arc featuring the art of the aforementioned Cameron Stewart. Can you tease any details about what's to come?

Grant Morrison: Well, it's called "Blackest Knight," with a "K." It's not a direct tie-in to "Blackest Night," but it draws on the atmosphere and the themes of "Blackest Night," and along the way it explains what the hell's going on with Bruce Wayne's skull. The one Black Hand was carrying around. It is quite obvious, if you've been following events over the last year, and a lot of Batman readers have already figured it out, I have to say.

This is our version of a Batman crossover team-up event – done in three issues and set mostly in England. We have the Knight and the Squire. Death and rebirth. And Batwoman's in it. It's a micro-"Crisis" [laughs].

CBR: What about Frank Quitely? He launched this series with you. When will he be returning?

Grant Morrison: Frazer Irving's doing something after Andy Clarke and then Frank returns a little later than expected. We added three extra issues because of the way that "Blackest Night" was playing out, and you've got "Batman" #700 happening in the middle of all this, so we wanted to find a way to tie everything together for the big comeback.

The three new issues with Andy Clarke pushed Frazer's arc into the summer and had Frank's return to coincide with the "Return" and the big "season-ender" storyline. Then Frank got sick after finishing "Batman and Robin" #3, so he's been dealing with a back problem for the last six months and he hasn't been able to sit at his desk long enough to do much more than keep up with covers. When I spoke him last week, he said he hoped to get back to work on "‘Batman and Robin" in the New Year. Another reason why it was a really good idea to get a few other artists involved.

CBR: You mentioned "The Return," so let me ask you - will "The Return of Bruce Wayne" mean the end of "Batman and Robin," or will Bruce Wayne's return play out in the other Bat-books, as well?

Grant Morrison: The stories in "Return" and "Batman and Robin" run parallel to one another for six months, and there are a few subtle connections between them, but they don't really link up until the crescendo in "Batman and Robin" #16 which comes out in September 2010, I think. You could easily read both books on their own, but it's more involving to read them together.

CBR: So will Bruce Wayne eventually be returning to "Batman" and "Detective Comics" or "Batman and Robin," or another new title?

Grant Morrison: There is a plan, but I can't talk about it yet. I was always going to move on after 12 issues of "Batman and Robin," then it went to 16 and I figured that was it, I'd told my story. I figured once Bruce came back, it would go back to the traditional Batman status quo, which is kind of where I came in. But then I had an idea that seemed to me a really exciting way to continue the story in a new direction, so I'm going to stay on for that. It's a different take on Batman and Robin, but I don't want to say too much until nearer the time. We still have all kinds of twists and turns and shocks to get through before any of that.

So it appears that Batman and Robin will still be a series with an end. Sixteen issues and two more artists after Andy Clarke. Frazer Irving will finally be on the book followed by Quitely coming back to wrap it up. It is good to know that the series had issues added because of Blackest Night and not per Dan Didio. As we get closer to the return of Bruce Wayne, keep The Batman Universe bookmarked for the latest news.

So it's sixteen issues now.

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About Blackest Knight, this is should be the last time he makes Batman British. I'm sorry, he should just be given a series reinvent the character or do something with a European hero. I'm sure this upcoming arc will be good, but Gothic was terrible.


Sorry, but this is the most ridiculous thing I've read all day, and I marked essays today.

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About Blackest Knight, this is should be the last time he makes Batman British. I'm sorry, he should just be given a series reinvent the character or do something with a European hero. I'm sure this upcoming arc will be good, but Gothic was terrible.


Sorry, but this is the most ridiculous thing I've read all day, and I marked essays today.

Quoted for truth.

Gothic is AWESOME.

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What I think would be awesome is at the end The Return of Bruce Wayne we have rival teams of Batmen and Robins with Bruce and Tim on one side with Damien and Dick on the other. While I figure that Dick will step down as soon as Bruce comes back, I don't see Damien doing the same.

Tim's making himself a new man in Red Robin, I don't think he'd want to go back to a job that he thinks Damien is tarnishing.

But I love the opposite teams idea.

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I wonder if that issue will be in the same story arc as #11, or a variant.

Also, i think I have gone insane about other artists drawing Robin, I seem to only like how Frank Quitely draws him.

That will be the cover for one of the issues, in the arc called "Batman VS Robin"

Also, Quitley may be the best at drawing Damien as Robin so far, but that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to Cameron Stewarts take.

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