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We've learned Jay's 10:00 PM show will go on hiatus February 1. After the Olympics, Jay will take back his 11:30 PM time slot. What has not been decided -- whether Jay's show will be a half hour, followed by Conan, or whether Jay's show will be an hour and NBC says sayonara to Mr. O'Brien.

We're told Jay and Conan have both been told of the changes. As for Jay, interestingly, he'll get what he always wanted -- his 11:30 PM time slot.


Wow! Conan is getting fucked. The only reason Letterman is beating him is because of the sex scandal. Leno is getting hammered at his earlier time.

Also, I assume the only way Conan stays is if Jimmy Fallon is gone.

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I knew that Leno wasn't going to last at his new time slot. I was just hoping his failure would rid us of him for good.

But NBC is so afraid that Leno will go to ABC--the threat he used to get him that 10p.m. slot--that they'll bend over backwards to keep him...which means telling Conan to bend over and take it.

I'm thinking that Conan and Letterman need to just ambush the big oaf and finish him off for good.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

I haven't paid attention to late night in a year. What I've seen of Conan for me he's too "in your face" I don't like that..... If I want real late night I'll watch the johnny carson DVD's

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NBC has given Conan O'Brien the option to either do his show from midnight to 1 or leave the network, sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Conan has not decided what he wants. We do know he's pissed, because he was given no advanced warning this was coming. Conan's people told NBC they are considering the offer.


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At this point, I want Conan to leave NBC, go to ABC, and just blast Leno out of the water. Still, as it is now, outside of being disrespectful to him, Leno is getting busted down to a half-hour then and serving as little more than a warm-up act for Conan so either offer works.

That's what the updated feed is saying...but it still sucks the cocks of many nations. Leno is the Brett 'Selfish Man' Farve of late night television, and Conan--who has been graciously waiting in the wings for years, toiling away on Late Night, and is now going to get his reward taken away from him--is holding the crap sandwich Leno once handed his mentor, Letterman.

Of course, what is interesting to me is how, when I first heard of this 'Leno at 10' move, I predicted it wouldn't last a season--and now, apparantly, NBC is scrambling to green light something, anything to fill that now empty seven hours. Sadly, I worry it'll be more reality swill.

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NBC has officially canceled the Jay Leno Show. No word from Conan and Fallon yet, but word is they aren't happy about it. At this point, they both should probably leave because NBC has shown once again that they can't be trusted even with a contract.

My biggest question is how in the hell is Last Call With Carson Daily still on despite all this?

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My biggest question is how in the hell is Last Call With Carson Daily still on despite all this?

Carson tests well with people who fall asleep drunk on their couches without turning the TV off.

So that's how he nailed Tara Reid...

I'm still trying to figure out how Jimmy Kimmel nailed Sarah Silverman...

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