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Use this thread to suggest horrible movies you wish to hear ripped apart on any future audio edition of Tranquil Tirades.

Here's the running list of considered recommendations.

List of movies goes here.

Cleaned up the thread and updated the list again.

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Even though it wasn't they winner of the poll, Titanic The Legend Continues.

As for Fresh Suggestions:

Beautiful Creatures

Road House

Conan The Destroyer

Any of the three Dungeons and Dragons movies

Night of the Lepus


The Swarm

The Rage: Carrie 2

The Core

The Marine (c'mon, it John Cena)

Southland Tales

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Has anyone yet offered up the 1998 Godzilla film as of yet? I know Dubs is a fan of the series and thus won't like it.

I'd offer up a lot of Emmerich, he's Michael Bay with less flash. 2012 is another prime piece of shit. Also agreeing with Will, The Core is like someone wanted to do an Emmerich/Bay parody, it hits all the same plot points an comes up with excuses why they're happening. "Oh it's a Geode!"

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Dubs and I have decided to make our next "Blast from the Past" episode be the podcast's three-year anniversary, Episode 36, which will be next September. We know what we're going to review, but I'll wait for a while to reveal it. There's only a few logistical choices anyway, so y'all can narrow it down. :detective:

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