The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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Are you kidding? Doctor Octopus is one of the all time great comic book movie villains, they did an amazing job with him!

In terms of physicality Sandman and Lizard were good too, they just suffered from not really being top tier villains. I like Lizard in the comics but its only after years of battles and shit that Conners has been through. Can't do that in one movie.

I'll wait for a trailer to judge Rhino. Yes it does look very Power Rangers but I doubt it'll move or feel like that on the screen.

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Does look like fun. Especially the glimpses we get about halfway through of certain things and the implications of those.

Looks like we're getting Rhino, Electro and a Harry Osborne Goblin, and based on the Oscorp labs hints of a Sinister Six? We see Vultures wings and Doc Ock's arms, plus numbered doors that, whilst actually going to 7 feature most obviously 6 in the trailer.

Could be a case of too many villains but at least they're working at the behest of Oscorp, it doesn't look like they're going to repeat the Harry screwups of the last trilogy. They may invent whole new ways to screw it up, but at least it's new!

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