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You glossed over the probably only subtle thing in the prequels. When Obi Wan goes to the library to look for the planet he's told by the librarian that if it is not in the Jedi Archive it can't possibly exist showing actual subtle story telling in showing how arrogant these Jedi really are.

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Two things

If they ever make a Boba Fett solo film they should call it Son of Jango and have him hunt an ageing one-handed Sam Jackson down wherever he's hiding and kill him, in true western revenge movie fashion.

Secondly, I'd love to see you guys do a For Better or Worse style reimagining, pitch and cast for the prequel trilogy.

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Hayden Christenson or however you spell his last name is only good in Shattered Glass. That's it. He is as awful here as everywhere else. That movie had to be a fluke.

He was on Life as a House which he actually generated a fair bit of Oscar buzz for and was even nominated for both a SAG award and a Golden Globe. He was also at least somewhat enjoyable in Jumper. No, this is just some incredibly wooden dialogue. I actually love the Head Canon that Rifftrax established for Anakin/Vader in that he has declared a personal war against sand and that it's his mortal enemy. Also, honestly, he's a bit better in Episode 3.

Great episode guys. I've always been in the camp that says Episode 2 is the worst in the series. The name alone doesn't even feel like Star Wars. The dialogue is just terrible and you can tell

that Ewan Mcgregor and Natalie Portman do not want to be there. I have gotten into the habit of referring to episode 2 as "That short film when Yoda fights Christopher Lee" just because outside of the Jango scenes, nothing else is really interesting in this film. I was obsessed with Star Wars going from high school into middle school. This is kinda what broke me of it.

I almost want to see you guys tackle The Clone Wars movie just because it has this:


Ziro, Jabba's nearly offensively gay stereotype brother.

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Oh snap, did I just get called out by Mike?!? Well, I can't let THIS insult go unanswered!!!

Firstly, I am British, my given name is Ian and my surname ends in "-on", making me more Ian Chesterton than any of you!! I may not have thrown anyone off a pyramid yet, but there's still time!

Secondly, I don't have to take this kind of abuse from Janice from Friends over there!! I re-listened to this episode wearing my clip monkey tally hat and noted down every utterance of the popular American phrase "Oh my God!" The findings were as follows:

Dan: 7 & 1/2 (the half being "oh my fuck", which is close enough)

Mike: 20.

Sniping aside, I agree with the popular sentiment that Old Man Toland was on fire in this review!

"That's ridiculous - no-one would make a movie based on that!"


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