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Eliza Dushku and Rick Bayless (He won Top Chef Masters and is doing a panel with CB Cebulski) were just announced for C2E2. Also, the panels list goes live on Thursday.

Edited to add: They have the shuttle schedule up is anyone is interested:

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Gail Simone (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) and Jeph Loeb (UGH!) have both been announced as guests.

Also, three of the Leads from The Middleman are going to be at the con with a Middleman Reunion panel. SO fucking excited for that. If you haven't watched The Middleman, you owe it to yourself. The first episode has a line about "Hentai tentacle monsters."

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Okay, this is a very rough itenerary for C2E2. Everything is subject to change.

Thursday, March 17th: Almost everyone arrives in Chicago. Brits coming from the airport, bone up on the transport of Chicago now. Eat at Lucky's Sandwiches where we watch Preston try to do the Lucky's challenge. If you want to place a bet on it, if Preston does it, we all owe him a drink. If he doesn't, he owes all of us a drink. We also do the Chicago Art Institute, free on Thursday from 5 to 8 (Lucky's and the AI are subject to get switched.) We then get drunk since it's St. Patty's day.

Friday, March 18th: We meet Dubs at Chicago's Union Station. After dropping his stuff at the hotel, we head to C2E2 at the McCormick Place's West Building. The Door's open at 1. Alternatively, you can join Ian on his museum tour if this is not the day he does the con. We go to cons, shop, etc. Come back to the hotel, eat, and hang out together.

Saturday, March 19th: Breakfast at Yolk where we teach those Brits what real bacon is. We head to C2E2, doors opening at 10 that day. Alternatively, you can join Ian on his museum tour if this is not the day he does the con. Come back to the hotel and order Giordanos Pizza. We engage in the main event, the Yanks vs Brits drinking duel. Watch as Ian "Duke of Pubs" Wilson, Tom "The Bristolian Connoisseur" Hemmings, and Adham "Pressure Meister" Fisher take on Preston "The Darkseid of Drinking" Nelson, Hannah "Lady Intoxication" Krueger, and Michael "The Boss of Lagers" Sims. (Drinking duel contests subject to change depending on constitutions/fear of their opponents.)

Sunday, March 20th: Wake up extremely hung-over. Anyone leaving today checks out and heads to the con. People leave at various points.

First off, where we eat on Saturday and Friday is subject to change. I didn't account for lunch ever as well since, I'll be frank, it's easy to forget about eating in the excitement as well as there being food at the con. As well, if anyone has someplace they want to eat/a place they want to suggest, post. THis is just a rough idea and we can change it if everyone changes their mind or decides, "I want to do this."

Secondly, the con schedule goes up tomorrow. Once it does, I think we should decide on a panel or event we want to attend as a group.

Thirdly, as of right now, the evening wind down sessions will probably be in whoever wants to donate their room to the group unless someone has a better idea. There is a hotel bar though it's slightly over-priced as I've been told. These are all things we can decide on whenever. I'll be bringing some dvds, mainly MST3K but maybe some other things as well.

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C2E2 Panel Schedule

Panels I want to attend

Friday, March 18

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Food and Comics

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm DC Nation

Saturday, March 19

11:30 am - 12:30 pm DC Universe

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm DC Icons

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm The Middleman Reunion Panel Q&A

Sunday, March 20

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Brightest Day

Panels I Might Attend

Friday, March 18

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm What Happens at the Con, Stays at the Con

Sunday, March 20

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Avatar the Last Airbender: Beginning and Beyond

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm DungeonCrawl

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Can't believe that the Fear itself and Walking Dead things are on at the same time. Tough choice there.

After that I'm leaning towards these-


3pm - Avengers Assemble

4:45pm - Eliza Dushku & Tahmoh Penikett (Because shut up)


11:30am - Avatar the Last Airbender: Beginning and Beyond (Legend of Korra discussion!)

1pm - Brightest Day

2:30pm - Marvel: Next Big Thing

I might add a few more but mostly I'll probably just go with the flow. Fri will probably be a flight recovery/appreciate Chicago day, although that's not to say I won't go to the con. It's the only day that won't be utterly heaving. Really though I'm coming with a half-empty travel case for a reason. Merchandise!

C2E2 or convention experts, is it going to be super hard to get into a lot of these or is it a walk-in type of deal? Because if queuing for hours is a prerequisite then my schedule is going to go to pot.

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C2E2 or convention experts, is it going to be super hard to get into a lot of these or is it a walk-in type of deal? Because if queuing for hours is a prerequisite then my schedule is going to go to pot.

Last year, most of the panels were pretty much, "Come in whenever." That said, once there's a floor plan up, keep an eye on any panels in a small room because those are the ones that will fill up fast. Same with a lot of the big screenings. In those cases, you might want to get there 20 minutes early. IF they announce something big like the Doctor Screening last year though, I know people got turned away from that one and there were people there like an hour or two before it started. If that's the case, we might wants one or two of us to bite the bullet and wait in line for the group.

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4:30- Food and Comics

6:30- DC Nation


11:30- DC Universe

1:00- Marvel: Fear Itself

3:00- How To Be A Frickin' Genius Voice Actor, Step One: With Spike Spencer

5:30- Marvel: Cup o' Joe


1:00- Brightest Day

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Right, Adham is definitely going to C2E2 now that his flights have been confirmed. Does anyone have a list of the current hotel arrangements and whether someone's still looking for a (wacky!) room-mate to split hotel costs with?

First Edit:

Room 1 - Will, Will's Friend, Kellen, Hannah

Room 2 - Me, Damien

Room 3 - Preston, Michelle AND NO ONE ELSE (aka the sexy naked fun time room)

Room 4 - Ian, Stavros, Adham in the tub (aka the sexy naked British fun time room)

Unaccounted for:


I have no problems opening up the floor to a person as long as they are willing to split the bill, but Dubs will also have to approve since he called dibs.

Edited by George W.
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and the two we don't recognize prolly found it through an open event thingy.

Yeah, I left it open since there are people who I don't have as friends on Facebook who post on the boards. If it's a closed event, then they can't add themselves. So yeah, if you RSVPed and are a lurker, then please, come out of hiding and say hi so we know who the frak you are and you can be included in the fun.

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Ian has brought up the idea of doing Karaoke at C2E2 on Friday Night of the trip. I found one place, Brando's, near the hotel though if anyone else has any suggestions, then by all means throw them out.

Karaoke would be an awesome way for us to all hang out on the first night. Good thinking gentlemen!

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