Episode 817: The 10th Anniversary Show!


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Ten years ago today, Earth-2.net: The Show was born! To celebrate, the E2 gang took a look at movies and TV shows which were once in the future but are now in the past. Dan and Mike tackle the Back to the Future trilogy! Ian, Dave, and Jim Moon dive into Escape from New York! Will and James sit down to watch "Lisa's Wedding," from The Simpsons! And Hannah and Will suit-up for Neon Genesis Evangelion! [ 7:06:30 || 207.6 MB 

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Massive congratulations to Mike, for kickstarting my writing, giving me thousands of hours of entertainment, and giving me a voice. This site is one of the most important parts of my life in a lot of ways. It gave me a podium, allowed me an avenue to publish some articles and pushed me back into fiction writing. It gave me several friendships that are stronger and realer than most I have in the "real world."

Here's to 10 more!

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Huge happy tenth anniversary Michael Sims!

And a huge happy anniversary to everyone who has been a contributor to The Show and all of the other podcasts.

You've provided a lot of great entertainment value over the years. The series of Saw reviews were all great, especially when you teamed up with the Real Protagonists to rip VI and VII to shreds. The retrospectives on the Star Wars and Batman films were also excellent.

I even contributed a little something to the podcast way back in Episode 10, which in all honesty was pretty terrible. I'm a better speaker now than I was then, but that's not saying much. :)

Thanks for having all of us on this forum lo these many years and for all of the great content everyone has provided in both written an audio form. It's hard to believe I have been a member of these forums for eleven and a half years. Just incredible, and this site shows no signs of slowing down.

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Happy Anniversary guys. That was a very clever theme. 

I listen to Hypnobobs at least once a week for my commute so I was happy to hear Mr. Jim Moon on the show. 

I especially liked Hannah and Will talking about Evangelion. I have a love hate relationship with Eva, I will not defend it but at the same time I am glad it is out there.

The first episode I saw End of Evangelion and after seeing it I was very confused and a little depressed. You guys have given that movie the explanation that made the most sense. Also I liked the dance episode. 

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Finally starting on this, just got to the end of bttf 1. Couple of thoughts-

-Marty wouldn't have invented rock and roll because he learned his side from Chuck Berry, so at worst it's a recursive loop paradox where no-one invented the song Johnny B Goode. The 'white guy inventing rock' is a little bit of pc over-correction.

-I like the overwrought tension stuff. The second bully moment with George is BS for character reasons but I like the constant rhythm of setbacks in those action scenes. Doc zipping down and dangling is a highlight of the movie.

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I was recently reminded of another reason this movie took off so stratospherically: it was one of the first home videos to be priced to own. Back then, when a new movie came out on VHS, it cost $100 or more and was really only ever sold to video rental stores. BTTF cost $20 (which was not chump change in 1985, to be sure, but definitely affordable) and was one of the first examples of a movie your kid would watch five times a day.

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Ok, just got to the end of bttf 2.

Escape from New York is a film I feel like I should love but I've seen it twice and it had zero impact on me. Fun review though.

Bttf 2. Honestly, it's one of those things where I know the first one is the better film, but the second is my favourite. The sheer imagination on display, the self awareness of blockbuster sequels, the establishing of themes, I adore it. Yes Jennifer is totally sidelined and Glover was screwed about but I overlook those things. And yes, technically Biff shouldn't be able to return to that future but there's an essential elasticity to movie time travel that I can forgive, especially here. 

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