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The other thing to consider is this. When you confront your mom, as good as it feels to do the same thing to her, to yell, to scream, it's not really the point. You probably want 2 things. You want your mother to apologize, and you want her to stop checking your email in the future. If you give yourself a bit of time to collect your thoughts (and sometimes that may involve playing out the screaming version of the conversation in your head - those always go better when you get to make up the other person's lines anyways), you'll probably find that things go much better. First, the more maturity you show during this discussion, the more your mother will realize that there was no need for her to read your -mail. Second, the calmer you are and the more you focus on how you feel rather than what she did, the less she'll feel like she's on the defensive. It's very satisfying to start throwing out accusations; the problem is, the other person reflexively tries to defend against the accusations. The less you focus on accusations and the more you focus on how this made you feel, the more likely it is that your mother will look at the issue from your point of view, and the more likely she'll be to apologize and avoid repeating this behavior. Not nearly as satisfying, but more productive. (Like I said, hold the screaming match in your head. Comes out better that way.)


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The girl I was taking to dinner didn't arrive until after midnight last night (so no dinner). She didn't return any of my calls. This morning, we met up in the registration line since she got there too late the night before to get her badge and stuff. She runs off about 5 minutes after she gets her badge and I don't see her until the end of the night when I'm leaving (and she didn't say "hi" or anything, so I didn't bother to, either). Again, she returned none of my phone calls today trying to see if she wanted to do anything at the convention today.

I want to put a gun in my mouth right about now.

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Some loud mouthed idiot found out something about me that I want no one to ever know.

He actually said it in his bullhorn voice expecting me to be fucking civil about the one thing I am most overprotective about.

A bit cryptic and shit I know, but I am so fucking angry right now. It really does just fuck up everything I am trying so fucking badly to work to.

God freaking dammit.

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That girl who I mentioned in my earlier posts in this thread, just texted me about 5 minutes ago. Asking if I wanted to meet up with her tomorrow.

It's round about midnight right now.

I haven't replied yet, or know what to reply, because she's fucked me around twice already in around a week.

So anyone got any ideas on what I should do?

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What the fuck is up with that? How old is she?

21 in November.

My friends had an awesome idea, though. They said I should send her a message on AIM or something (since apparently she is ignoring all my phone messages) saying, "Hey, I just wanted to say I had a great time hanging out with you all weekend and taking you out to dinner. I hope we can do it again sometime soon." And I thought I could make an addendum:

"And thanks for telling me you were going with someone else to the ballroom dance when you told me three months ago you'd go with me. At least you were considerate."

Whatever. I'm not going to let it bother me. My [social] life since high school ended has been one big setback and disappointment after another. One more doesn't really mean shit to me at this point.

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J D, remember how you said math can go to hell and die?

Leave that on her AIM, and completely ignore her until she shows up at your door. Unless she's got a really good temper or no sense of a challenge, you'll get a positive response in a week.

Leave "math can go to hell and die" on her AIM? :unsure:

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SAAS over here still haven't got back to me about changing what course they are funding me for.

Originally I was meant to be doing my HND in Communication with Media, and now I changed at the last minute to first year journalism at University.

SAAS said I had to give them notice in writing, or E-mail, I chose e-mail.

I said what the course was and waited for a reply.

I got a reply about two weeks ago saying, we need the place your studying.

That's my fault, I should have included that in the first place.

Well I replied the very second I got the e-mail and said the address the course code, everything I could think of.

They still haven't got back to me.

What's annoying is they are giving me the monthly allowance, but they haven't given me the form to give to my Uni!

So I may get told in god knows how long that I will need to find a way to pay for the course by myself!

It's really stressing me out, as pretty soon I have to have that form, or I will have to start paying for the course myself!

SAAS is the Students Awards Agency for Scotland, and they are impossible to get a hold of on the phone. When I call the machine only has my old course details processed.


Oh and Skyle, I have still not done anything with messaging/speaking any other shit to that girl that I liked.

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Dam SAAS still haven't got back to me, it's gone beyond the point of me being worried and now shitting myself about it!

Also I went out for lunch with a friend and held the door open for a women with a pram, it was the nice thing to do, seventeen fucking people go through the door without even saying a word to me.

Oh well.

Nothing else is bothering me, I feel calm........It's quite disturbing.....

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