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This thread is pretty simple. Pick a thing you want but don't have (or don't have yet).


Want. Prettier than the more obvious earlier Alien shirts and also demonstrates my affection for the under appreciated Alien3.


Damn you, taunting me with your awesome shirts!

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Aaron, do you have a link to the site of the woman who made that?

As for me, I need at least one 1 TB external hard drive. After that, I want Astonishing X-Men volumes two through four, all three volumes of the Death of Captain America trades (I recently sold my hardcovers), a trip to Disney World within the next year would be nice, a TV, a dining room table, and a coffee table.

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In order:

-The ability to actually sleep again, through a full night, and not have to get up at 8 (goddamn fuck everything that's fucking with my head currently)

-A measure of not being emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted

-500 gig external hard drive

-The lamp from A Christmas Story (as seen here)

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Its retro, that means its cool. Obviously. 5 hours left. Then I win. Hopefully.

I think I have mine still.

It works if I've got it.

You can have it. Free.

It's got my name written on it, though, because everyone I knew had one.


I have it. It works. Where do I send it?

Still working on this.

Anyway, I would also like this:


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