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It's been a few months so here goes. Let's draft The Avengers! Imagine the site is Marvel we're doing one of those big writer changeovers where all the teams get shuffled. Everyone who wants to sign up to this gets to be called a writer of a Marvel Avengers book, be it New, Secret, Force Works, or whatever floats your boat. Hell, might even be Guardians of the Galaxor something. Up to you.

Couple of rules-

1. If a character is picked then they're out of selection. If you want Scarlet Witch and she's already been picked tough luck.
2. Turn order. Once everyone has signed in, I'm pulling out my one of trusty random number generators and randomizing turn order (in other words, I'm rolling dice). After the first round, the person who went first in that round is now at the back of the line. Example: Round 1 could be 1-12. Next round it would be 2-12 then 1, after that would be 3-12, 1-2 then 4-12, 1-3 and so forth. Just to keep things clear, a few people prior to the end of the round, I'll make sure to post the order of the next round to cut down on confusion.
3. The first seven rounds will be character picks, followed by the initial villain of your first arc, and finally your title. If you want to go with a plot outline, then awesome. It's not required.
4. If the next person due to pick doesn't pick within 12hrs the next in line can go, but the person who missed their go can still make their pick any time after that.
5. Let's try to keep it mostly to heroes. Reformed villains are okay but it's going to look weird if Red Skull is on Avengers. Now if you're drafting your own Thunderbolts or Dark Avengers though...
6. Try and keep to using Earth-616 characters or characters that have, for the most part, immigrated to that reality at some point or another. That said, everyone can get one cheat i.e. If you want to use Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth. Keep in mind that even though it's not the same Sabretooth, Sabretooth is still out of the draft.
7. If you know you won't be able to make your pick within your 12 hours (ie, you'll be out of town for the weekend) message your pick and like two or three alternates in case your pick has been chosen. Better than coming back and finding your pick and all your alternates got picked up.

So, okay, if you're interested or have any ideas, just say. I'll post starting order on April 1st around 9 EST (No fooling). If you join after that point, then you'll automatically start at the end of the line.

Last Round Order


The Spreadsheet can be found right here.

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Metal screams as the automaton's torso tears off and hits the ice below. It's hulking, pistoned legs stand planted in eight feet of snow, sparks emitting quickly and flickering out from where the body once sat atop. Our hero plants his feet, clenches his fists and gives a mighty war cry at the piece of the robot still standing.

Creaking loudly over the howling winds, the lower half of the robot falls too. Crumpling on top of it's partner and exploding upon impact.

He smiles at his work. Roxxon would pay for the damage their so-called "Mining Scout" caused, but politics and petty squabbles did not interest him. Watching the mist rise from his mouth before the black smoke pouring out of the burning robot heap, he marveled at how he could barely hear the fire above the howling wind.

The storms of even the mortal world never failed to impress him at times. Though this place appeared more like Niflheim than it did Midgard. Though, unlike Niflheim, the mortals had the common sense to not live in this strange wasteland they call Antarctica.

He pondered the song of the howling wind when a voice poured through. Clear and deep, though accented, it said only one word:


Thor removed Mjolnir from his belt, spun it in his right hand and let it carry him into the roiling sky.


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