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I'm going to drop out of the draft, sorry, my heads just not in it right now, and I'm taking to long to come up with characters. Will, can you pull my name from the first page list of people in the order?

Roger. All of Suavestar's picks are up for grabs. In the chance that he grabbed someone you wanted, you are allowed to swap them out with another character. You have until your next turn to do so.
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"I know not why thy countenance hath brought you here, but Mjolnir will lay you low long enow for us to discover thine machinations, villain!"

"Sure, pal."

Juggernaut wasn't sure what or who brought him to this dreadful mountainside meeting place, but it sure as hell wasn't to get his ass beat by Thor...again. He cracked his knuckles and looked for an opening.

"What is going on?" White Tiger asked.

"We're all here," Daimon Hellstrom - freezing shirtless in an overcoat - began, "and they are about to kick each other's asses. We have a front row seat. What more do you want?"

"Yes, quiet child," Andromeda commanded. "This will be glorious."

"But I don't want to watch anybody fight," White Tiger protested.

"Girl, I rule a dimension of Hell, but it's rare you ever get the chance to be so close to something like this. Trust me!"

Thor's grip on his hammer tightened as he raised it, prepared to strike.

"Whoa! I guess I showed up just in time!"

The voice was behind them.

"Ghost Rider? You called us here?" Daimon asked. "No, that's not right."

"Geez...always getting mistaken for that guy! I've been around since World War 2, you know? Plus, I'm far more charming than that butch biker guy."


They all stared at their new visitor.

"Since your memories haven't been jogged, my name is the Blazing Skull! Call me Mark."

He shook hands with Daimon, Andromeda and White Tiger. Looking over at Thor and Juggernaut, he nodded.

"Preeeeeettttty sure I wasn't called here to take sides in this fight," he said jerking a thumb in the direction of the two behemoths, "but I'm glad to watch."

"If thou hast not called us to this place, then who?"

"Well," Blazing Skull answered the Teutonic God, "I 'chuted in and noticed that about 300 feet up thattaways is a hut with a fire glowing inside. Seems as good a place as any."

Thor nodded his apology to Juggernaut, who sneered in response, and the team made its way up the mountain.

"Oh yeah," BLazing Skull said, his head lighting the way for the team, "I'm probably going to need a lift home from all of this."

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