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Sofia Mantega stared down into the sink. It was spotted with blood and tar as she tried to cough out the final remnants. If not for her arms straightened against the wall, she would have surely collapsed. Sofia looked up at the mirror; her hair fallen out of its tie, her eyes half open. As a member of the New Mutants, she'd stared down gods and monsters, now, a mere human waitress, she could barely look at herself.
"Why aren't you stopping this?" she asked aloud to her reflection, before coughing once more.
Four hours later.
Sofia counted her tips, a process that never took as long as she would have liked, before bunching up her apron and tossing it into the crowded backseat of her car.
"Hey sweetheart!"
A gruff male voice in the middle of the night. She looked more annoyed than afraid. Whoever this guy was, he picked the wrong girl on the wrong night.
"Hey, I'm talking to you!"
She turned around, recognizing the brute. He'd been thrown out of the restaurant for hitting on the waitresses and generally being a drunken menace. He waddled over to Sofia, reeking of cheap liquor and B.O.
"You know... I used to spend a lot of money here... I just want a little customer service, you feel me?"
He licked his lips, grabbing her by the arm. She closed her eyes, drawing in a deep breath.
"Yeah, I feel you. Why don't we go somewhere a little less open?" she asked.
The drunkard took a step back in shock before nodding heavily. Never had his cheap pick up attempts worked, let alone worked on a hot waitress that was now leading him into the alley behind the establishment.
"What's your name, handsome?" she asked as she pinned herself to the wall, letting the slob lear over her as she feigned helplessness.
"Butch, so you know what to scream tonight."
His words sent a shiver up her spine, causing her to drop the name tag that was in her hand. Butch looked down at it.
"Sofia. That's a pretty name" he snarled.
"Please, don't call me that. My friends call me something else." she said with a grin.
"Really, what should I call you?" he asked, running his hand through her hair.
A sharp stinging pain rushed through his hand. He tried to untangle himself from the strands as he watched them transform in front of his eyes. Red and blue tendrils flailed around before throwing him back several feet. Trying to compose himself, he looked up at the figure in front of him... and he was terrified.
"Toxin" the creature bellowed.
"Now let me hear you scream."
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A group of LMDs had come alive and started attacking people at a SHIELD base off San Fransisco bay. James Rhodes had just happened to be at Travis Field when the attack went off. He was the first on the scene, dealt with it, then flew to San Fransisco when he got the heads up from Carol that something was happening there.

"We've run into everything. If it's a robot with even the slightest bit of autonomy, it's gone insane and it's trying to kill everything.!" Carol said into her reciever. Rhodey could see that as an Awesome Android came flailing at him. He threw it where it was struck by a bolt of arcane lightning.

"Thanks. Wiccan, right?" War Machine said.

Wiccan nodded, "And this is Victor Mancha."

"I swear, I'm not a killer robot!" Victor said, his hands shooting in the air.

"Using your name is dangerous," War Machine said.

Victor shrugged, "We never really used codenames when me and my friends used to run together."

"How about Victorious?" Wiccan said, snapping his fingers.

"Whatever. Are there any other Avengers in the area?" Victor asked. Rhodey pointed.

"We're meeting up near the Sleeping Celestial. Apparently Hercules is over there," he said. The three flew off in that direction.


The two groups met up at the Sleeping Celestial and compared notes.

"So, why are there that many robots in San Fransisco to begin with?" Captain Marvel asked.

"Hephaestus himself could nigh ever make artifices numbering as this!" Hercules bellowed out. Wiccan rubbed his ear.

War Machine answered, "SHIELD had a depot where they deposit confiscated machines from terror attacks outside the city. It's supposed to be secret. I only know because Stark built it."

"Why would anyone do that?" Victor asked.

He didn't get an answer as a Nimrod shot him. He was pushed back into Wiccan, knocking them both out. Hercules ran to punch it out but the Nimrod unit caught his hand and threw him into Captain Marvel. He was about to step on Wasp when a beam of energy shot through it's chest.It crumpled to the ground.

Captain Marvel started standing up, "Who are you?"

"There's going to be another one showing up soon. Wake up Victorious. He can start deploying nanoprobes so it can extract who sent them," the woman with the large laser rifle said.

"And how would you know that?" War Machine asked. He had his repulser gauntlet pointed right at him.


Layla Miller/Butterfly is a mutant with the power to resurrect the recently dead, mind you without their soul. She's also somewhat trained in magic and and has some technical knowhow. She also knows stuff. She will remind you of that and you'll either get annoyed by that or find it endearing. Up to you.

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I just realized that this draft has gotten more Dammits than any previous draft. It's potentially since, looking it over, we have 2-3 people drafting magic/horror characters, 3 or 4 of us going for more of a traditional Avengers team, a couple of street level teams, then you have Professor and Dubs who seem to have some of the more fun looking teams. At this point, about half of all the Runaways have been drafted (the plant girl, Chase, Gert, Xavin, and Alex have not been as of right now). The earliest five members of the actual Avengers who have yet to be drafted are Quicksilver, Swordsman, Vision, Black Knight, and Mantis. So yeah, this could turn out rather interesting for our last five picks of Round 7.

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The trudged up the mountain face in silence...well, almost.

"Do you think it'll be a wizard, or a hot oracle chick swimming in the air like in that number movie with all the naked dudes?!" Blazing Skull was clearly excited by the prospect of a psychic mountaintop summons.

"Shut up, Match Head, or I will turn you into a goddamned xylophone!" Juggernaut shouted, easily heard over the howling wind.

The others grit their teeth and climbed, following the Thunder God as he took long powerful strides.

In under an hour, they reached the summit. A ramshackle cabin stood, seemingly built out of salvaged material. Inside a fire glowed.

The group stood at the door, no more than a flapping swath of canvas, until Thor pulled the canvas aside and they were able to see who it was inside.

Smoldering on the floor, the dark-haired man wrapped in a cloak groaned in agony.

"Long have I waited for your arrival," he said. "In the future, you would do better than to keep me waiting. For I....am Dracula!"


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