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Imagine that for its fiftieth anniversary, the BBC has called on you and ten other members of the forums to each pen a Doctor Who story...

I've had this idea for a while and was initially gonna wait till November, but feared that someone else would launch their own Doctor Who draft before then.


1. Don't bully your brains into trying to shoehorn these into continuity or to explain why Ian and Barbara are teaming up with the Sixth Doctor or why the Second Doctor is facing the Silence. You can choose any companions or any villains for any Doctor, even if they're dead on the show or aren't recurring companions or villains.

2. Only one Doctor per participant, thus there will be only be eleven participants. If you get stuck with one you're not so keen on, too bad.

3. The same companions cannot be used by more than one participant either.

4. Same goes for villain and even monster races, unless one wishes to use a specific member of a previously-chosen race as a villain (e.g. the Special Weapons Dalek, Staal the Undefeated, the Roger Delgado Master, etc).

5. However, because of the sheer number of the Doctor's companions and allies, I will allow duos like Jaggo & Lightfoot to be used for single companion slots.

6. Historical figures cannot be chosen for the companion slot, though they may be chosen as supporting characters/allies or even antagonists.

7. The same time period or even the same year can be chosen by more than one participant, provided their stories take place in different locations.

8. You may use characters from Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, and K-9 and Company for your choices.

9. The window for each choice is twelve hours.


For the first round, we'll go in order of birthday and -month (but not year), but for subsequent rounds, it will be the snake system, only with by order of the Doctors (i.e. Doctors 1-11, then 11-1, 1-11 again, etc).


Round 1: Doctor

Round 2: Companion(s)

Round 3: More Companion(s) (optional)

Round 4: Antagonist(s)

Round 5: More Antagonist(s) (optional)

Round 6: Supporting Character/Ally

Round 7: Time and place

Round 8: Story name (synopsis optional)

Let me know if I should amend any of this, and particularly if allowing only eleven participants is too stringent.

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Thinking about running another draft or other board-wide activity. The Sheep competitions on the oratory work quite well, all you do is propose ten questions and you get points for how many answer the same as you. So if I asked who the best Doctor is and 4 people said Tom Baker they'd get four points each. Anyone have ideas on either front?

The draft I had in mind was one I've mentioned, a Dr Who draft. You get 7 picks to vote for story elements, so you could draft say a Doctor, a companion or two, a location/period, a villain etc. No forced types of picks per round, if you want Davros more that a Doctor you could take him first. If you want London more than Rory Williams you can have it.
The only restriction is you can only pick one Doctor. If we have more than 11 people you could just make a Torchwood style show from companions or other characters. Or you could envision a Who spinoff from the start, The Adventures of Sparrow and Nightingale or something like that. Up to you. Then you can craft a story from those parts if you like. Thoughts?

Just reposting this from Tom's earlier post.

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Ok, lets get this thing rolling. Not to step on you YKW but I'd like to try out these more free-form rules on this go around if that's cool. Hopefully it sets up more variation for future drafts.

1- The Draft There are 7 basic rounds with a Tardis Bonus Round at the end. Each round you pick a story element be it a Doctor, assistant, villain, or specific time and setting. In this way you could chose 4 companions and load up the story that way or you could have just the Doctor and K9 visit 4 different worlds chasing a villain down. Each pick is individual, you may not duplicate it. If someone else got the 6th Doctor and wanted him you'll just have to do without. 24hrs per pick, after that we move on to the next person, but the person who's time has passed can still select that pick at any time.

2- The Doctor Rule Only one Doctor per person. Yes we'd all like to do 5 doctors but it's not really fair.

3- The Tardis/Bonus Round As a final 8th round bonus people who selected the Doctor will be allowed to chose which Tardis they would like. For non-Doctor participants this will be made up for by allowing an 8th story element.

4- Individuals vs Groups- If you select Davros then you automatically get Daleks with him. The Daleks would still be available as a separate selection. Significant solo villains with more than one appearance are allowed this kind of reasonable extra latitude with their story. In the same way if you want the Brigadier you get Unit, but Unit as their own pick are still available.

5- Mediation Disputes are open to the group, the consensus will be abided by although we're keeping this like and fun, so we'll ditch formal voting or anything like that.

6- Global Draft Order The draft order will be determined by global location, east to west. The starting point will be randomly determined. No snake drafts or whatever, it's just confusing. The free-form style of this should limit any advantage anyway. In addition, this method means that you're less likely to have sleep patterns calling a sudden halt to the draft at random points.


I'm in. Please post here if you are too (even if you've already posted, just to reaffirm that you're in).

edit- The draft order is as follows


You Know Who





Kenny Evil


Rosie & Kat

Shining Knight

Draft spreadsheet

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Ok, that's our draft order sorted. 9 players so far but if anyone else wants in they can join whenever and get their retrospective picks.

From east to west with the starting player being randomised the draft order is-


You Know Who





Kenny Evil


Rosie & Kat

So Dan, you're up first!

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Hampton Court Palace, November 5th, 1541

"What do you mean my wife is dead? She's right there. Maybe in a state of hysteria but, well, that's women!" yelled King Henry VIII.

Catherine Howard screamed obscenities, trying to get loose from the bindings trapping her.

"Yeah, well, your real wife was replaced years ago. We found her body over in Lambeth. Whatever she was, the plan was for her to have your child, kill you, and have it raise it until it's king, ushering in an age of ruin for England," the man in strange clothes said. He sat down at the edge of the bed, offering Henry a tissue.

Henry shook his head, "Well, any son is better-"

Catherine screamed, a piece of her skin fell off revealing green scales.

"Okay, maybe I can wait for a son," Henry said.

"I have a handwriting expert, he can easily forge letters showing her as being unfaithful. Culpeper was only recently replaced so he'll be fall guy, the man handed Henry a bottle, "Just give her this, it should keep the rest of her skin from falling off. If it doesn't or if you run out, maybe do a public execution but a life in exile is probably a better choice."

Henry glared at him, "This thing embarrassed me. I will collect her head but I do believe that some time of embarrassment will make me fell better."

The man got up, smoothing out his coat, "Just as well, you'll probably need Parliament to pass a law or something first. I'd love to stay but, well, I'd rather not."

"But, will anyone believe me?" Henry asked, pulling on the stranger's coat.

"You're the king so if they don't, they'll probably be too scared to say anything. Still, better not to pull anything too suspicious, talk about it, et cetera. Get a new wife, maybe forgive those daughters of yours, live a good life," He said, fumbling with the device on his wrist.

Henry nodded and thanked the stranger. Captain Jack Harkness used his rift manipulator to leave.


Captain Jack Harness is a former Time Agent from the year 5000. He's practically immortal and can recover from just about anything that would kill a normal person. Suprisingly, at no point did he contemplate sex with King Henry VIII.

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