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  1. The sucky part of him going out this way is that now he's going to die only to be used by any number of talentless comedians' joke. You can't make jokes about suicide but auto-erotic asphyxiation? Yeah, that's what makes me sad about this. It's the Mama Cass or Elvis Effect: A great person is partially remembered for how their embarrassing death and not for the good things they did.
  2. Happy Birthday. May it be filled with fun, merriment, and such.
  3. Well, that confirms that Cassie is still Batgirl. Wow, that makes Oracle: The Cure even more pointless.
  4. "Well Mr. Bond. The diamonds or the baby?"
  5. I liked the 3D in Coraline but will agree that it made my eyes hurt afterwards as well. I'll probably stick to the standard version of the movie when I see it also.
  6. It was. Minnie Driver was the only one not really doing their own singing. She did however sing the song over the credits, "Learn to be Lonely." Really, you can't get away with not doing your own singing in musicals these days. Moulin Rouge and Chicago set the bar high for everyone else.
  7. Happy Birthday. May it be spent with the cake of pastery of your choice.
  8. I hear ya. I gave people two months notice for mine and they're just now starting to drop like flies! Ah well, I can adapt and take whatever stragglers remain out in Derby instead (as long as they don't view it as punishment for actually attending). I do the same thing plus promise them free booze also. I fail to mention to them that my birthdays might involve watching Batman and Robin or Manos: Hands of Fate. Let's see them run screaming when they're boozed up and full of cake. Mawahaha!!!
  9. Still, I have to say that Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wii make me excited for a Wii game for the first time since Mario Kart Wii last year. It's kinda sad when you think about it also. Mario Galaxy 2 will be the first time since the NES that we have had two platformers starring Mario on the same console. (Super Mario World 2 was really all about Yoshi. Ditto for Luigi's Mansion.)
  10. Any chance you can talk to the friends and see if they want to combine parties? Three cakes are better than two.
  11. Catching up with the new season of Power Rangers. Oh my god, it's dark. So dark that each episode has to end with a Lost closing.
  12. Just be Super Metroid, thinking of starting on Portal in the next day or so.
  13. Mel Gibson's choice of showing up in a wig proved he has taken his role as Balder in Thor the wrong way.
  14. Damn, so much for running with these scissors. I was so looking forward to it.
  15. Both have advantages. London is London and there's always a chance you'll run into a man with a blue box or a member of Monty Python. Both are good. On the other hand, Alaska is cold and you do get a kickback for living there. Also, when the rest of us get nuked by Skynet, you're a little less likely to get hit with one of the big ones. Hmm, tough choices.
  16. For me, when the kids hit fourth grade, the show grew from a lot of toilet humor to a lot of toilet humor that also had a lot of clever bits to it as well. As for my favorite season, seasons 8 and 9 were when I really started to take notice of the show for everything it is. Woodland Critter Christmas still stands out as quite possibly the most wrong thing I have ever seen. This is including Pink Flamingos. Trapped in the Closet is probably the thing most responsible for letting people know how messed up Scientology really is. Yeah, I think I'm going to go and watch Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset right now.
  17. "For the last time, I can't make you Spiderman!"
  18. Outside of the beginning with Catman which, I agree with Stavros, was kinda cheesy, I really enjoyed this episode. Bat-mite was an enjoyable character and it was nice to have an episode where I laughed every few moments. The best parts probably go to the costume changes and the fact that the guy who auditioned to be Harley from "Joker's Millions" in Gotham Knights is in the audience of the Fifth Dimension Comic(and Tiddly-winks!)-Con. Then Bat-Mite on the top of the building, evoking the BTAS opening? Classic. BY the way, is the first time Superman has been hinted at?
  19. We have confirmation from Botcon that there will be no fourth season. Well, that's just prime.
  20. Well, I'm just saying, we get Gail Simone writing JLA and it won't matter that most of them are second-string at best, Gail excels at writing the B-Tier characters. Secret Six, JLA, even her run on Deadpool, this is where she shines. Give her the current line-up of Black Canary, Vixen, John Stewart, Firestorm, Zatana, and Dr. Light and I can say it would be funny, awesome, and so many other things at the same time. Then when she gets Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman again, it gets just as awesome but Black Canary would still kick ass and not be whining about getting side-stepped by the Big Three every five panels like she is now.
  21. That's it. Morrison is a Time Lord. It all makes sense. Only a Time Lord could make sense of Final Crisis.
  22. When Gangbuster is the closest to a real street-level hero you have, that is true. However, outside of Daredevil, none of Marvel's street characters interest me. I don't read comics most of the time for stuff close to true crime. I read comics for the crazy shit. That all said, I am highly looking forward to Streets of Gotham because I'm hoping for something that feels like Gotham Central which was the closest to a good Street Level comic DC has done since Chuck Dixon's early run on Birds of Prey. God, Dixon is just good at that aspect of comics in general.
  23. There are actually a few episodes that aired out of place. One of these, No Mutant is an Island, was the one where Scott quits and goes back to his hometown where The Purple Man is using mutant orphans for personal gain. The Professor detects Jean in the sun and returning to Earth at the end of the episode. The question is if the DVDs are going to have the episodes in order by Airdate, intended airdate, or production order.
  24. Personally, I'm torn here. On one hand, I do feel that if McDuffie had had more creative control, we could have had something like Justice League. On the other hand, you work with the tools you were given and try to make the most with them. To be fair as well, he did dig his own hole in this case. You can't complain about your job in a place you know your boss will read it. Geoff Jones, I could see getting away with it but that's because he is, quite frankly, DC right now. Dwayne, consider yourself lucky that your Milestone project isn't going into development hell. Still, maybe we'll get someone awesome on Justice League now. *fingers crossed*C'mon Gail Simone.*fingers crossed*