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i have to wait till next Thursday to see this, dam UK!

Anyway i got the soundtrack today and it is f**king awesome!

most soundtracks are crap, well the ones i know, but this is great!

i am so excited about going!

i have my ticket for the first bookable showing next Thursday morning at 12:30.

God I'm so excited!

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All I could think of after it ended was, "I can't believe we'll never see another Heath Ledger performance again." And my immediate thought after that was, "God damn it." Ledger just took the ball and ran away with it. What an amazing job.

Holy fucking wow.

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Amazing. There are so many small touches on The Joker that really meant a lot to a huge fan of the character like me.

Spoilers Below.

The Pencil Trick - PERFECT. This was the first moment of the movie where the audience really realises that its not a cartoon Joker. Theres no dancing, theres not splashing paint, it's a fucking pencil in your eye cause I'm a ruthless motherfucker Joker. The best part about this scene? Several of the members of the audience laughed. Thats the EXACT reaction the character would be going for and it got it.

The truck scene - It's the perfect ridiculous plan that The Joker would set. But what really sold me on it was the guns getting progressively larger and him pulling them out one after another. Plus theres the almost suprised expression on Heath's face as he fires the bazooka that is classic,

The Multiple Pasts - I was SO mad at first when he told his origin. But that all went away when he said a new one the next time. I LOVED the "Do you want to know how I got these scars?" and then he would put on a little performance.


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Bum Reviews with Chester A Bum review The Dark Knight

You really need to see some of the other Bum Reviews first before watching this video. Also, it contains some minor spoilers.

I've seen them all, he's funny as as hell

MOD EDIT: Removed link because I don't want Mike possibly getting in trouble for hotlinking to such websites. Call me overly cautious.


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Okay, I promised a review, now I will type one. Let me start by saying....OMFG WOW!!!!!!!

Yes, it seems to be a running opinion that this film is fucking awesome and well it is. Heath Ledger has stolen the show, just like Nicholsen stole it from Keaton almost 20 yrs ago.

While I am reviewing this, I will give a short rundown of the actors we all know who portrayed the same character in an earlier rendition, but I am not comparing. Each one of these characters are different from the other.

Now for my review:


Well you always start a review with how the film was shot, what felt so good or bad about it, etc. I don't always notice this, so I'm going to leave it as amazing, didn't see much flaw, except jump cuts that signify a trim of a scene(probably to keep it a PG-13). For example;

the scene where The Joker tells the mob boss, played by Michael Jai White aka Spawn(1997) the first version of how he got his smiling scar. You can tell it was a jump cut, because its clear the original edit allowed you to see how he cut him.

. Hopefully, we'll get an unrated version or extended scenes for the DVD.

Chritopher Nolan & David Goyer are superb writers, Bob Kane would be proud, its too bad Kane passed away to see Batman & Robin be brought back to the cornball days. Christopher Nolan has made a masterpiece that not even Tim Burton could touch.

Now on to the actors and their characters;

Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne seems to be the combination of both the Batman of the 30's and 40's and the 80's. Very dark, almost criminal, but hanging on to the grip of humanity he has. Bale this time around is a bit older and wiser and just seems to want to stop and have a life with Rachel, but just can't seem to let go. His Batman is considerable different from any Batman we have seen before. Michael Keaton's version is probably the closest to this version, except he does kill. In both Batman(1989) and its sequel Batman Returns he kills at least two people, plus the main villain of the films(The Joker and The Penguin). This is in accordance to the 1930's Batman who did kill(not in cold blood, but still did). Whereas Bale's version is from the 40's(after he teamed with Robin he didn't kill as much)and the 80's(where this Batman had the rule this Batman has). Bale completes the role and certainly seems to be born for the role. Definitely the Batman for today's generation(and believe me a part of me envies this generation). Adam West, Val Kilmer and George Clooney couldn't compare, even if their Batman's were the same as Keaton's and Bale's. So I won't even give a reason for the differences.

Now that he has made us proud with Batman, I hope his portrayal of John Connor in Terminator: Salvation will do Edward Furlong some justice(I saw the trailer attached to the film, as well as The Watchmen).

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face OMG, he's awesome, too bad his demented side isn't brought out sooner in the film. But even as the DA Harvey Dent, Eckhart has a presence that is felt when he is on screen. Billy Dee Williams is seen in Batman(1989) in a similar way, but due to his role being a mere cameo(like Robert Downey Jr in The Incredible Hulk)we weren't able to get a crystal clear picture of his version of the character(he was meant to be in the Batman sequel and be scarred as Two-Face, but Joel Schumacher brought out his contract to give us a wise cracking Tommy Lee Jones in a sad performance in Batman Forever). Eckhart has certainly shown us the wide extent of his acting skills. When you see the film and you see what drives him over the edge, you will sympathize with him. Another top performance. Unfortunately we've only had 2 portrayals of Harvey Dent and 2 portrayals of Two Face. But since both versions from all 3 actors are from the same era, we can compare. Tommy Lee Jones' corkiness has earned him the worse portrayal award from me, with Billy Dee Williams playing a great Harvey Dent and stealing the show in the scenes he was in. Aaron Eckhart being the only one out of the 3 to play both roles gets the best performance(I do realize Tommy Lee does have one scene as Harvey Dent, but its a brief scene seen on a news report).

Gary Oldman as Lieutenant Gordan, another wow. Oldman has always impressed with his acting abilities. Always playing some excellent bad guys(go see The Professional), but he shows here how great he can be in a good guys role. In this film we see the dilemma Gordan must face when he has to uphold the law, while enforcing the help of a masked vigilante like Batman(especially at the end during the hostage scene). Not always being able to trust, because of all the corrupt members of Gotham's finest. We also get to see how he and Batman work great together and the ending also shows how Gordan's respect grows further in the mythology of their friendship. We also get to see the glimpse of a certain future crime fighter. Pat Hingle(1990's) and Neil Hamilton(1960's) are the only other actors anyone reading this will probably remember playing Jim Gordan. Oldman is without a doubt the best of them, but I don't want to take away from the other two. But of course only Hamilton had a Batphone *pukes*

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes quite frankly she is much better than Holmes, as well as better looking. But I did like Holmes portrayal(probably one of the few). Her portrayal of this character just brings you closer to the love triangle going on even with all the chaos going on. Kim Basinger, while not playing this character played a similar character in Vicki Vale(which was Bruce Waynes fiance in the beginning of Batman's days). I won't compare, but all performances give Batman a great version of his Lois Lane.

Her fate is also very sad and sends Dent off the brink

Morgan Freeman as Lucious Fox now here we get a continuing of Freeman's excellent acting ability. No one has ever played Fox in a previous live action setting, so he was one of the few actors to not have a live action movie blueprint in terms of what not to do and had to make it his own. I loved it, his characters, like all the characters gets a further development in the series and its wonderful.

Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth also furthers his role as Bruce's trusted Butler/father figure. While I love Michael Gough's performance in the 90's films, Caine's performance is brief, but overwhelming. This helps me forget he was in Jaws: The Revenge ahh, at least until now.

The rest of the cast is back or new and do a great job. Cilian Murphy is back as Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow, but very much its a way to close the book on Batman Begins plot.

We also get a silly, but eventually effective sidebar featuring a few Gotham citizens acting like Batman with guns and showing the harsh influence Batman has had on the city.

Now I know what you're wondering, what about The Joker? Well here it is;

Heath Ledger as The Joker, HE WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

This character alone must have almost gotten the film an R-Rating and it shows from the jump cuts. The Joker here is the Joker from the 1940's. No bullshit, no reason, no bribing, he just is. The Joker's sensibility on his crusade against Batman shows exactly how much the writers are Batman fans.

The Joker says in one scene, that he doesn't want to kill Batman, Batman completes his whole being

and that is the whole point in his character. He's not there, trying to make Batman laugh, he's not there trying to poison Gotham's beauty products. He just wants to make a point. Very frightening portrayal he has performed. If he didn't has to immerse himself in the role, than I wonder how he would have done if he did. Jack Nicholsen, Mark Hamill are The Joker of the 80's, Caesar Romero is The Joker for the 60's and Heath Ledger is a combo of the 40's original, with a sprinkle of the 80's. There is no comparison. It was sad when Brandon Lee died making his comic book film The Crow(1994)and now Heath Ledger has passed away leaving us his iconic comic book role The Joker. RIP Heath.

I will give this film a low 10 out of 10(and the low is simply because of them doing the jump cuts)

NOTE: Michael Jai White has a small role as a mob boss, most will remember him as Spawn in Spawn(1997)and who will reprise the role later this year or next year in Spawn II.

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I thought it was very good outside of a couple nagging things.

I'm still not sold on Bale as Batman. He's acceptable in the Bruce Wayne role, but I loathe every time he speaks as Batman. That lisp is absurd.

I think that Harvey Dent was great, but Two Face was wasted. Just fucking wasted.

Shit was LOOOONG. Felt like they told three different movies worth of story in the span of one.

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The movie is out, you can stop with the spoiler tags.

Well some people don't like to be spoiled. I didn't have the money to go see it, I had to tag along. Others may not have that privilege.

It's annoying when trying to read the posts. Especially if you put that there are spoilers in the post, and then put tags on top of it. Also, if you haven't seen it, and you go to a web forum to read about it after it came out, you should expect to get spoiled. The rule here is after it comes out, no need for spoilers tags.

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My only gripe with the movie...

How the FUCK was Maroni able to walk when Two-Face confronts him near the end of the film???

He got the good side of the coin. Remember he tells him, "Your a lucky man, but your driver isn't" and shoots his driver

James is asking how he can walk after Batman dropped him and most likely broke his legs.

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