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It's very rare that two episodes are recorded at once. Let's see, Des and I recorded episodes 386 and 390 in one go, Dan and I have done an episode of The Show and Bigger on the Inside back-to-back, and I'm sure there's a few others. But yeah, it doesn't happen often.

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While I wouldn't record the same ep twice, having two copies of an episode recorded is convenient for editing purposes. If your copy is messed up, hopefully your cohost's isn't.

very true adam, but I was saying like marathon recording episodes, I don't mind doing that if there is time to do so.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

My co host on TSOP asked me a very interesting question: In Twilight "Why didn't Brainiac go after J'onn instead of Superman?"

I told him the only way I could explain it was that Superman and Brainiac are mortal enemies. He then pointed out that Brainiac is a devourer of knowledge so wouldn't he want the knowledge J'onn has about Mars?

My only reply was that maybe because Mars is a dead planet already that it doesn't interest Brainiac.

This kinda becomes mute when we get to Divided We Fall when Brainiac assimilates the entire League (original 7 members)

But Mike and James what do you think? Why didn't Brainiac go after J'onn?

(I'm not sure if you guys have already spoken about this in your Twilight coverage I haven't gone back to listen yet)

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It's origin comes from the X-Men related comic book Cable. In his latest ongoing series, Cable was charged with protecting the mutant messiah: a baby named Hope. So how did this gun-toting hero choose to protect her? By strapping her to his chest during gun battles. (See the image below.) The concept was so stupid, we had to make fun of it. And, out of that, the grade of "babychest" was born. It's reserved for comic books that -- like the idea of placing a baby on your chest while being shot at -- are so bad they border on being insulting to the reader.

Since then, the grade has crossed over into our other shows, so sometimes you'll hear it on WFP.


To honor the grade, I even created a babychest emoticon: :baby:

DW's review of Cable #2 is where it all started, but I don't think the grade was officially used until The Show 205.

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