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Though Fox has no plans for a major overhaul, the studio has scheduled a strategy meeting to assess the status of its superheroes, a group sorely missed this summer. On the agenda, Fox will mull the possibility of more "X-Men" spinoffs, including a young-X-Men project as well as "Deadpool," based on a character played by Ryan Reynolds in "Wolverine." The studio is even considering reviving the "Daredevil" property.

Fox is feeling left out of the super hero money train currently rolling through theaters.

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Written right, Deadpool is one of those characters that would really connect with the audience. He could be the funny, hardcore badass, not unlike Samuel L. Jackson's Jules. Written wrong, the movie could give comics a very poor name. I see bad puns crossed with PG-13 action, sort of like a soft Arnold Schwarzenegger or a harder Adam West.

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This could be the Jackie Chan movie of Superhero films. The crazy fighting mixed with physical comedy and an inside edge on spoofing both hero and assasin flicks. Its this and ant-man that have the greatest potential to really bef up Marvel's comedic potential whilst thier counterparts in Captain America and the like go serious.

I'd love to see trailers for this, the standard sort of deal where they make you think its one thing and then you realise its another. It could look like a new Wolverine movie with flashes of steel and sound effects and then you can out for deadpool. You could even steal that scene from Astonishing where Wolverine is making paper chains, just switch him out for Deadpool. "I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I so very pretty!"

Thats what I want for Ant-man too, take significant footage of Iron Man flying and then have a crash zoom in on Ant-man hanging off the armour screaming his lungs out.

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I don't have a lot of faith in them doing Deadpool correctly. I can imagine it being incredibly hokey.

What about the other projects that Fox are looking into: Young X-men and rebooting Daredevil.

Probably the most intriguing one to me is a reboot on Daredevil.

Young X-men could go either way. THey have a couple different options in that they could go the whole X-Men first class route or the sequel route with the established young-ins (Iceman, Kitty, Angel, Colossus, Rogue).

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'Deadpool' spinoff in works at Fox

Ryan Reynolds to reprise role in "Wolverine" spinoff

By Borys Kit

May 5, 2009, 08:11 PM ET

Fresh off the muscular performance of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at the boxoffice, Fox has thrown into development a spinoff featuring Deadpool, the wise-cracking mercenary played in the film by Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds is attached to reprise the character for what for now is simply being called "Deadpool." Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel Studios would act as producers.

Deadpool is known as "the merc with a mouth," a character that under Reynolds lived up to his billing in "Wolverine" until the end, when the movie deviated from the comic book persona, imbuing him with several superpowers and sewing his mouth shut.

It is understood that Reynolds would regain the ability to mouth off, with the movie going back to the roots of the character known for his slapstick tone and propensity to break the fourth wall. The character also was disfigured in "Wolverine," though it's unclear at this time how much the studio would want to mess with Reynolds' handsome mug.

The project is out to writers.

Fox considered a "Deadpool" spinoff early in "Wolverine's" development process, which is why it cast Reynolds. The actor was brought back in the month before the movie's release to shoot one of two "Easter egg" scenes that appeared after the end credits. The scene showed Deadpool alive, though when last audiences saw him, he appeared to be dead.

UTA-repped Reynolds next stars opposite Sandra Bullock in Disney's romantic comedy "The Proposal."


Liefeld linked this on his Twitter. I'm not surprised at the news, and given the treatment they've given Wade thus far, I'm skeptical.

Edit: Thanks, Mike.

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I'm a little more confident in knowing that they're not going the easy route for the movie of doing just another action movie. I personally hope for a movie where Deadpool has conversations with the audience and maybe they can throw Squirrel Girl in as the love interest. The potential is a send-up of the entire genre, much better than Superhero Movie (not that's all that hard.)

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if it does indeed happen then i know that no matter what i will still go see it at the movie theaters. I thought what they did with the charater in wolverine can be fixed, but i think that in order to really get it to be a great movie they need to have renold's be at his funniest. If they can do that then the movie will be great.

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We're just trying to break a story right now and figure out who the villain is going to be and all that stuff. But, it's going to be just like the comic books. I'm gonna have a messed up face and you may see some flashbacks of Wade earlier in his life, but primarily what you see is what you get in the comics and that's the goal. And there is no better place to draw material from then the comics which are incredible.

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With The Proposal opening in theaters next Friday, Ryan Reynolds has been doing more interviews and MTV talked to him more about starring in the "Wolverine" spin-off Deadpool.

"I get to be the authentication police, in a weird way," he said about his involvement in the project. "To their credit — the studio's credit — they want to make an authentic 'Deadpool' movie; they want to make it as close to the source material as possible."

Reynolds added that he and the studio have already agreed to some key terms. "He's going to be the Merc with the Mouth, [we're going to give] all those answers that everyone wants. He's going to have the scarred-up face, he's going to be in the suit — and, it's going to be incredible."


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I feel very confidnt in the movie now that I know that they're going to give us the Deadpool we want rther than what they think Deadpool should be. Truthfully, if at some point, Deadpool is facing down the big bad of the movie and Deadpool says, "I can't die. I'm the title character." or something along those lines, I'll die happy right there and then. Of course, I'd rather live to see the rest of the movie but beggers can't be choosers.

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When it comes to outspoken comic creators, you can't really top Rob Liefeld--okay, maybe Mark Millar--the young artist who came to fame in the early '90s on hot Marvel books like "The New Mutants," in which he created popular characters like Cable, Deadpool, Domino and others before departing Marvel to form Image Comics.

Since his creation Deadpool was introduced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine earlier this year, Liefeld has been a great cheerleader for the movie, having returned to Marvel Comics in recent years to revive some of his characters there.

According to Liefeld on Twitter, he met with Lauren Schuler Donner and her team earlier today to discuss the direction for the planned Deadpool spin-off movie, and he seemed very excited about their plans for the character he created. Some of the stuff he tweeted wasn't very newsworthy like the fact that Ryan Reynolds would continue to play the character, but he did seem hopeful that they were going to retain a lot more of the character's persona that made him so popular among the fans. (Check out the second tweet below.)

Liefeld's tweets follow:

"Great Deadpool movie meeting! Lauren Schuler Donner and her team are headed in the right direction!"

"Deadpool movie checklist- DP in costume-check! Breaking 4th wall-check! Loads of killing-double check!"

"Deadpool movie- YES! Ryan Reynolds is on board!!!"

And then the most interesting one:

"Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!"

One would expect that Donner and 20th Century Fox would eventually get around to introducing Cable--the aged son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers in an alternate timeline--in a future "X-Men" installment, but it's even more promising to learn that Liefeld is involved in the development, something that could help to make it happen even sooner.

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[He's going to have the scarred-up face, he's going to be in the suit — and, it's going to be incredible."

If this is gonna take place after X-Men: Wolverine Origins, than wouldn't he still have his Weapon 11 powers?

Nope, because its been acknowleged that Weapon XI was a clone of Deadpool. End of the credits Deadpool himself shows up and picks up the severed head of Weapon XI.

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