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This story is about spoilers, so read at your own risk.

TV Guide has posted some big spoilers regarding the September 27 season premiere of "Smallville." Turn back now if you don't want to know a thing!

* By the middle of the premiere, one woman will be officially pronounced dead.

* Lex will find himself in a watery situation that harkens back to the original pilot... only this time, it's another alien saving his life.

* Those folks who hated Jimmy will be happy to see that he grows a major spine and sucker-punches a certain Young Man of Steel.

* Bizarro Clark will get his hands on Lois... and she'll kind of like it.

* Expect massive effects after a dam burst brings out Clark's, um, hottest power.

* By the end of the episode, the new girl in town will be ready for her close-up.

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For anyone who cares this week's Smallville is the Dean Cain episode. He plays a scientist who has a cure for meteor freaks.

I actually enjoyed the episode, Dean Cain is great as a villain, he played such a goody good Superman in Lois and Clark, I'm glad he was able to overcome any typecasting. The character was an adaptation of Vandal Savage, he even mention facing another Superman villain Mongul. It was great, he is supposed to return again, but with only 15 episodes coming this season, he will return in Season 8.

And yes, they have a Supergirl spin-off they are really considering and a possible Metropolis spin-off.

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The writers dont really want to take the story out of Smallville which is fine and was the shows purpose, but, the only way to get things going again is to somehow let them move the series ahead in years to him working at the Planet. Although the film kinda stops them from doing that which means for me Smallvilles stuck

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I know that Michael Rosenbaum will be in a handful of episodes in Season 8, but he wants to pursue a more theatrical career(same reason James Caan left Las Vegas). Perhaps this means we'll see more James Marsters as Brainiac. We also have scheduled another appearance by Dean Cain as Vandal Savage. Someone had stated that perhaps we'll see Darkseid, I hope not, that caharacter needs to be highly developed and it would be a more theatrical type villain.

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Yeah, he mentions how he has survived several different fatal wounds and even mentions Mongul from War World. That was a great episode, because on one side he's a deranged villain and from his point of view all he wanted was to be with the woman he loved. Sad... so in the episode, he doesn't get killed, so he can be bought back.

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In the ep they say he is immortal, but his name isnt Savage, its Knox I believe.

Has anyone else heard that Gough and Millar are leaving the show after this season?? From the reports it basically states CW is cutting the budget of the show and they decided to leave, but the show will go on. With all the supposed leavings my interest in Smallville has been renewed for the first time in long while.

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