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On 12/10/2019 at 6:10 PM, The Master said:

Sadly, it looks like Earth-66 was obliterated. But maybe he'll come back should they merge the Earth's at the conclusion.

I have a “grasping at straws” theory about Earth-167’s fate though.  

-Notice how all the Earths seen with red skies were Batman properties (though that could be a nod to the Batman books that tied into CoIE ending with the ominous red skies as the only thing tying them to the crossover), we didn’t see it for Smallville.

-Clark did show genuine concern, just because Lois thinking he was making a funny diffused it for that brief moment doesn’t mean they didn’t discuss it seriously inside the house.

-While it was said Welling was up in Vancouver for just the day, there is that Berlanti comment about three Supermen on screen together.

-Probably holding on to too much hope, but considering how Silver Age-y Smallville could get, whose to say Clark took off the Blue Kryptonite watch, put Earth-167 into a pocket dimension and will appear at The Vanishing Point?


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