What new PS2 games are you looking forward to?


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So what new PS2 games are you looking forward to? I can't wait for Xenosaga 2 and Front Mission 4, even though they haven't even been release in Japan yet. I have a feeling that there's probably more new games out there, but these are the only 2 that I can think of at the moment.

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Just saw some Devil May Cry 3 pics, and they look sweet. Haven't played the other two games (though I own the first), but I'll definitely get the new one the second it hits the shelves.

Driv3r looks sweet, as does God of War. Oh, and Madden 2005.

EDIT 01:

Red Dead Revolver

The Mark of Kri 2 (rumored)

Ico 2 (rumored)

GTA: San Andreas

Can't believe I forgot those. :doh:

EDIT 02:

And, because I'm a pervert, WWX: Rumble Rose. :~

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I've already pre-ordered KH2 and am going to pre-order Raw Vs. Smack. and FFXII in the next couple weeks. Those are the main games I am looking foward to.

I love pre-ordering. You go in six months early, drop down 15 bucks. Then a month later you decide to stop in and look for a used game, drop down 15 more bucks. Then when you pick it up you drop down 20 bucks and it's sooooo simple, so easy, and so fun. Then you don't have to drop 50 bucks from your poor salary (if you're me).

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I'm chomping at the bit for Silent Hill 4. It's out next month but the wait is excruciating. I don't care about the lukewarm reviews, I just want it and I want to love it like a redneck daughter.

Others I'm waiting for are: Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, Crimson Sea 2 and yeah, Killzone. I'm ignoring the hype and just looking at the Helghast. They bloody own.

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Bump but relevant and saves me making a new thread.

For the first time in a VERY long time, I am actually highly anticipating a games release. This game

God of War II.

I absolutely loved the first one and from all I've read, the second has fixed some annoying things, improved heaps and all in all will be contender for game of the year.

Hopefully the Australian release will be around the same time as the US!

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Has the story come out? I'm interested if he is going after his brother or father in this game, since that is what was implyed in the last one.

From what I've read, the story is being held very close to the chest. But the start of the game seems to imply him coming back to earth because there is not enough war, or something to that effect.

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