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The frist time I *really* felt old was when I was in a video store, and there was a wall of all the movies I was waaaay into as a college student in the early to mid 90s - Pulp Fiction, Clerks, that sort of thing - and almost all of them had the words "Tenth Anniversary" on the covers.

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When the police arrested me for touching that 14 year old.

No seriously it was when I realised that I was older than the hollywood starlets I fancied. It sort of made me realise that I've already wasted so much time not sleeping with nubile actresses.

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I just had another one.

I work for an insurance company, and one of my duties is to assist agents with their paperwork to get them licensed to sell in their various states.

I found out today that apparently, someone who was born when I was a freshman in high school is now old enough to sell insurance for a living.

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This will make every one ELSE feel old but even I feel old with 10th anniversaries of things like Pocahontas from '95, Batman & Robin <_<:unsure: from '97 and soon to even be things like American Pie. This makes ME feel old even though I'm 16. I also find myslef saying 'I miss the 90's' ALOT.

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I'm 30 and I recently hired a 20 year old girl. Some of the things she says, I remember myself saying at that age. I tried to argue with her, try to enlighten her and she just kept arguing. It's now at a point where I just be quiet and think to myself "oh well, she'll find out in the long run". Then it happened..... I realised I was becoming my dad!!!!!

That, ladies & gentlement is when you know you're getting old.

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